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Tour De Cure Jacksonville,
Thank you for inviting me to come along for such a great cause. I got lost with the facebook address (it showed a different location then the event being held) but I will be more prepared next round. I will pack lighter so I can get more coverage next year. I didn't realize that lugging a 30 pound camera pack would take such a toll on my body during the century but I finished my 100 miles. 70 miles on the century and 30 miles on my trek back home to Fleming Island.

I'll see you all soon and if you would like for me to photograph any event please email me at

I took some photos for this ice cream social , it was a friend's going away party. You can check them all out here .
All photos taken with my Xcel camera.

All photos were taken with my Xcel camera. ( ) Enjoy, and if you are looking to see all of the photos please check out the "Dead Lens" section of my site. CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS!

Bike polo and pizza not much more in this world that you can ask for.
Hopefully we can go and make this a seasonal thing. 
I'm starting to get used to my Xcel camera too! I love my camera.

Dirty Cycle works took a trip to Orlando for the Orlando bike Polo Demo and I went to take some pictures. To see all of the photos please check out the "Dead Lens" section of the site. OR CLICK HERE

All pictures taken with my Xcel camera

2 hours on a bicycle in 2 minutes
     So I was testing out the camera mount that I made for my bicycle and this is it's first run with me. This is my usual bike route when I have time to open up and enjoy cycling. I time lapsed the entire route and pressed it all into a two minute video. Now my Xcel camera ( ) goes with me everywhere, it's like a puppy that takes pictures for me when I walk it. A small step in increasing footage on my cycling adventures but I hope you like it.

This was all filmed on my Xcel camera -.

Bicycle specs:

Knog lights: Blinder Road R -

SE Premium Ale:

VP Component pedals - VP-001 -

Tramp Strap pedal straps - use promo code " DIRTYDOGS " to get pedals shipped for $16 total

Banjo Brothers Metro Bag -

Eighth Inch Track Drop Handlebar -

Bear Straps - Beer Bomber -

Music Credit - You Love Her Coz She's Dead - 'Be Brave'

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                                                                                Thank you all for watching -Ghost

     See that skeleton riding the Respect Cycles' mini velo? That me!! Ri Crosier, I run . My website is a diary to document the progression of a cycling group that I ride with called Dirty Cycle Works and to promote all forms of cycling. Anything with two wheels is what I love to surround myself around. Dirty Cycle Works does everything from bike polo, clothing design, social rides, competitions and giving a helping hand. We do way  too much to name in one shot but everything revolves around bicycles.

     There is a ton to document and that's why I built , I want to record these memories for everyone and at the same time chase my own dreams. I want to make films about bicycles and take beautiful photos for you all to enjoy. You can see my photos in my "Dead Lens" section of my site. That skeleton masked man on the bike is also a character for Lil' Slugger, a short film that I plan to make that pays abit of homage to the anime "Paranoia Agent". It's going to be a horror film with bike polo, a masked murder and cute girls on bicycles.

     Pretty much if it has two wheels I want it to be something in my life. Maybe one day I will even get a chance to expand it into motorcycles. I hope that you take a moment to subscribe and keep track on all of the good things to come. Thank you for watching

Filmed on my Xcel camera

Bicycle break down :

Respect Cycles mini-velo -
Tapewood Grips -
Knog lights - Knog Blinder 1
VP Components VP-531:
Tramp Straps: 16 dollar pedal straps with our promocode "DIRTYDOGS" -

Videographer: Ghost in the Spoke's Mandi Ratcliff
Editor: Ri Crosier

Music Credit: Nujabes - Aruarian Dance


-----I have been a fan of Leslie Boroczk's art for a long time running now and I finally got a chance to collaborate with her! She is one of a few artists in Jacksonville FL. that make amazing anime/manga art. She did a perfect job with my logo, maybe even better than how I envisioned in my own head. I might just go and get it tattooed :)

-----It's nice to be able to work with artists that I adore and this has been the best way to kick off October. It's Halloween everyday for me and I will be showing off this logo on some new shirts for my online site asap! Don't forget to follow Leslie, she is amazing!

---------You can find her art displayed at:
and you can pick up one of her prints at

This film was done in "time lapse" mode on my Xcel action camera, for such a simple camera it has so many capabilities! This was my first time experimenting with the time lapse and it does the job perfectly! I will be filming Leslie when she does more art in the future so stay tuned!
------ You can pick one of these cameras up at

Respect Cycles Mini-Velo Fixed Gear 

-----Just testing out the Respect Cycles Mini-Velo from and my Xcel action camera ( ). We spent one night testing the Xcel action camera in it's 720p ultra-wide angle mode, next round we will use the 1080p mode and more mini-velo action. These little mini fixed gear bikes are great for learning the mechanics of a fixed gear bicycle and are tons of fun. I hope you like our edit!

----- I have my good buddy Phat Kyle featured in the video, You can find him on Instagram @Phat_Kyle or his facebook .

-----You can pick up one of these mini-velos for 10% off with the promocode "Ghost" at

-----If you are looking for more info on the Xcel Action Cam then check out

-----A huge thanks to:

Tapewood and their handmade grips

Vp Components

Tramp Straps

Music Credit: The Chromatics - Cherry

music credit: Utada Hikaru - Simple And Clean/ Killing Spree Hip-Hop remix!

Duval Dirty Bike Olympics "Mud Pit Scramble"

      Here is some footage from last week's Duval Dirty Bike Olympics "Mud Pit Scramble". I hope you enjoy and maybe I'll see more of you for the next Duval Dirty Bike Olympics.

 Mud Pit Scramble

      Not dirty enough? Then get muddy! Fenders won't help you on this one as you pair up with the cleanest person you know and dive right into three different mud pits. Race as a team to each pit and scramble around to find DDBO shirts, golden cogs, and more. A bike wash will be available at the finish line for all those who wish to clean up a bit. But no shower for your dirty ass! Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded. All other prizes must be scavenged from the mud.

 -filmed with My Xcel Action Cam in it's 720p mode (There is a 1080p option but I was running out of space on my SD card.)

The Quiet Life sent me a care package!

Building Mandi's Bike // Xcel camera time lapse 

-----Mandi had this bike shipped from . It's her first bike so I went ahead and built it up for her. She picked up the Dawes MTA singlespeed. It's actually a decent choice for being shipped for $180. Not a bad first bike at all, it's a chromoly frame and the components seem nice enough to trust. 

I hope you like the time lapse and thank you for watching!

 Link to the bike if you would like to purchase it:

Music Credit: Selebrities - Temporary Touch (Rush Midnight Remix)

I used my Xcel camera to film this time lapse:

One Fixed sent me out a surprise package