Adventurer's Hostel

TBA 2015

Location: Green Cove, FL TBA

      I want it to be located in Greencove, Florida as it is a halfway point from Jacksonville to St.Augustine. The bike ride to and from each point is absolutely gorgeous and forms a full century (100 miles). The hostel being in the middle would serve as a good stopping point. It would be far enough for beginner and advanced cyclists to rest. 


-educate the masses on cycling
-build a safe haven for all travelers looking to rest for a night on their adventures 
-rebuild broken down bicycles to give to the community
-refurbish a house out upcycled materials and document everything to show others how to do the same in their own shoes

All of these objectives should build stronger awareness for anything with a pulse on the road.

Expected price: $20,000+:

     Within the next year or so I would like to start a cycling/travelers hostel here in Florida. I want to provide a cheap or free (they could help the hostel in replacement for money) place for people to stay for a day or so on their travels. Hopefully I'll get a chance to hear/write about their stories on . I hope to bring in many cyclists but I will open it up to all travelers. This is a long way down the road but I am currently working my way to my goal. I eventually want to make a complete living out of helping our world on bicycles. It's a dream but one day with hard work I will have it. I'm currently a home town hero and I figured I should keep up with the momentum that I have been so very blessed with. I hope to have a collective of brands that I can one day represent during this entire process.

     I believe that if I save $20,000+ by next year I can probably buy a cheap house that I can restore over time. I would like this to serve as a club house for all of us. Also, it would conveniently be placed in Green Cove, FL. This a midway stopping point from Jacksonville, FL and St.Augustine, FL. The route is extremely scenic and it should build a stronger cycling community in our current area. 

Work truck to pickup bikes and transportation to events : $2000

I already have a truck that has a broken transmission, 1999 GMC Seirra. I have not used this truck in over a year but if I can get it up and running it would help me transport broken bicycles to rebuild and help me transport building materials for projects on the hostel. This truck would also serve as a vehicle to transfer everyone to cycling events around the nearby states, it can seat 5 and carry over 6 bikes. 

Shipping container to provide additional bunks to the hostel: $10,000

My original idea was to build a hostel out of a couple of shipping containers but I realized that if I start from scratch then I would be dealing with alot more paperwork than I really am able to handle. It would be a much more viable option to buy a cheap house and put shipping containers in the back to claim as a "work shed". The club house in the front would serve as a veil to bunker in the back and this would make everything much easier. Also, if I work on a house rather than building up something entirely new then I have taken a greater stand in recycling and reducing my carbon footprint.
The concept for the bunker that I am looking at :

Shipping container to provide additional bunks to the hostel: $10,000

This fully furnished/livable 40ft SHIPPING CONTAINER unit is what I am trying to save my money for. It's a great starter for me and eventually I could even stack on a couple of units on top of it later down the line. I want to make it earth friendly, sustainable and bombproof. This will serve as additional housing and a place for cyclists/travelers to stay at any given notice.

I am also looking into some bike lockers for the hostel:

These lockers from seem to fit the bill. I think that I would start with two of them placed lengthwise back to back to form a small parallelogram against the hostel outer wall. Or I could use them on the inside in the same shape to double as a table. These lockers would also work well at my day job if placed in the same fashion. They would serve as a place for me to store spare bikes for our cycling group. (We meet at my day job on Wednesday nights.)

This next year I will be trying my best to get all of this up and running. Please wish me luck.