Sunday, January 17, 2016

Oliberte is making new bags!

I have been loving my @oliberte bag ever since last year. It goes everywhere with me. They are making new types now. Daypacks! Check it out.

Repost from @oliberte Introducing the Tatona backpack, the newest addition to our collection of premium leather bags, crafted by hand out of a small workshop on the outskirts of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia #madeinAfrica #ethicalbags #leathergoods #oliberte




Full details here:

Our dream team is coming to New Orleans Bike Polo on February 6-9. We will be at Mardi Gras!! See ya there. Come hangout with Rhea, Wesley, Aaron and your Ghost of the most. Road trip!

 Taken on my @getolympus TG3 #getolympus

Growing up

Lil' baby AJ. He has been cycling with us since he was 12. Now he is 16 and growing. Outgrowing his frame. Time flies by. Sometimes I don't know if I am mentoring this kid or if seeing his youthful face keeps me from doing anything stupid in front of him.

@gtbicycles - gutterball

Taken on my @getolympus TG3 #getolympus

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cat Gang shirts are finally here!

Image of Cat Gang shirt

Image of Cat Gang shirtImage of Cat Gang shirt
This is my collaborative 2016 shirt with Leslie Valerio. It was produced here in the Jacksonville, FL. at the Silkscreams shop by Joshua Anthony.

Our print was placed on the back of the shirts so others can see our beautiful design while you are riding. The Cat Gang design was created to raise awareness of cycling dangers and also suicide awareness. (Till I Die All 9 Times) Both of these topics heavily effect my daily life to this day. I wanted to make people aware that mental illness can strike anyone, even your very own Ghost in the Spoke.

So, if you are wearing our shirts and someone asks about the design please take a moment to educate others on proper etiquette when approaching a cyclist on the road. And, if you see someone struggling emotionally please promise me that you will give them a helping hand. All the love that I get from everyone is the reason that I am still here today. Other people do not have the same support system, even just one good deed can change a human's mindset. You could save so many great lives with a warm hand and heart. They might become the next member in our Cat Gang.

Lavender represents death, it will be a reoccurring color theme here at Ghost in the Spoke.

Our shirts are printed on black mid-school Reebok tees (Tiny Reebok embroidery on left breast) with lavender screen print.
100% cotton and built to spill. Extremely high quality.
I hope you love all the work that we have put into these shirts. Enjoy.