Thursday, April 28, 2016

The smallest spark can start a roaring fire.

Let's talk about that OG Bike Club sticker.
It's odd thinking about how far I have come since then.
Every time I see one of these old stickers on some random ass bike on the internet it sends a shiver down my spine.
These things have made it across the world and made people smile.

Following your heart might not make you rich but your impact on this planet will bear fruit even past your existence. Since first conception of something as simple as this sticker I have learned and made so much. Photography, bike tools, and now jewelry that people love, I taught myself how to make everything. I never went to school. Much more to come. I am constantly writing notes and designing new concepts. Working on a new one today.

If you ever have something in your heart that you feel the need to bring to this planet then go on and do it. I am a fumbling idiot and somehow I am still able to learn and create new things. Some nights I am up till 3-4 in the morning working on my craft because I don't know what I am doing. I fail an enormous amount of times, sometimes I have 60+ designs/concepts before I am happy with one of them.

I don't have natural talent and I kinda suck at everything but I still try with all my might till something good pops out.

Oh, and I haven't watched TV in like 6 years. That helps too.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Heartbreaker Spoke Wrench Debut!

I have been hard at work! Sorry that I have been away for a bit!
You can pickup our tools from our online shop.

100% MADE IN THE USA in Atlanta, GA
Designed and distributed in Jacksonville, FL.
100% profits will go to funding my dream of building an adventurer's hostel / cycling syndicate and innovation of our designs at Ghost in the Spoke. This is a life goal of mine that I one day aim to achieve.

Our Heartbreaker spoke wrench is an updated version of last year's model of our "Not Brass Knuckles" multi-tool.
These are lighter, stronger and more visually appealing. Great for on the go and there for you when you need it most. If you find yourself in an emergency we have surely got you covered for quick use when time is of the essence.

- Heirloom quality, these will last your lifetime and generations to come. Your legacy will live on and your family will know that you were a total badass.
- 4 spoke wrenches crown our piece in sizes 3.23, 3.30, 3.45, 3.96
These are the most common sizes and should be applicable for most spokes.
- The broken heart functions as a bottle cap opener.
- The hole in our multi-tool can be used for more leverage when opening bottles by placing your finger inside of it. You can also use this when you need to use your spoke wrench on emergencies in the street, you can get a huge tactical advantage if used in a timely manner.

Approximate details on our spoke wrench:
Size: 1.808 inches X 1.369 inches
Material: T-6 Aircraft grade Aluminum 6061
Thickness: 0.5 inches
Weight: 0.04 pounds
Hole diameter: .97 inches

This is the wire brush polished version (It comes with a 5ft paracord lanyard), I take each of our raw pieces from the waterjet and wire brush them to a light polish. This creates a less prominent birthmark on our tools and to some can be more visually appealing. *Also, the light polish works to ensure that our spoke wrenches are fully functional without heavy filing of our spoke wrench crown.* The birthmark can be seen at the bottom of each tool and is made from the natural process of our waterjet cutting.

A word from our lawyers:
Any misuse of our product than what has been described above is over our responsibility and we will not be held accountable. When you purchase our tools you are also making a legal agreement to be responsible for your own actions. These are sold purely as a spoke wrench bottle opener and any indication of it being more than that is purely coincidence or lack of your own comprehension of our description.

*mild filing of the spoke wrench crown may be needed, it is uncommon for this to be necessary with our polished versions but it can be needed for the spoke wrenches to be used in a smooth transition. I designed these to be snug and used for emergency purposes only*

Patent Pending

Monday, April 4, 2016

Sometimes I do stuff besides cycling.


Just me playing with one of my yoyos.
I'm not the best but I like to play for fun.
Auldey Mysterious Magic.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Michelin Dynamic Sport Road Tire: "Great for all bikes..... except fixed gear."

     I have had these tires for less than a month on a fixed gear setup. I would not recommend them for that particular purpose. They should hold up significantly more for other applications. I picked these tires up because they were inexpensive and I believe that if I had spent a bit more on my tires that I would have gotten more out of my dollar.

I'm always looking for good value on my bike parts since I'm still a broke cyclist. These do not fit the bill. There are better options for this price range. I tore these tires up in a heartbeat running a brakeless setup for a month. Thank goodness I ran the flat attack tubes, they were a life saver on the multiple punctures I received this month.

Pros : Aesthetically Pleasing, Easy To Mount, Inexpensive, Lightweight
Cons : Prone To Puncture,Wears Out Quickly
Best Uses : Commuting/City, Road Biking

Oh btw! I was using the 700x28c tire set.

WEIGHT 290g (23c)
SIZE(S) 700x23, 700x25, 700x28
TPI 30tpi
MAX. PSI 116 PSI (23c), 102 PSI (25c), 87 PSI (28c)
TIRE TYPE Clincher

Poor tree :(
@goatbikes - @god.of.all.track.bikes frame
@metroflect_inc - decals
@vpcomponents - vice pedals
@sramroad - Truvativ Hussefelt Stem
@trampstraps - pedal straps
@aerospoke_official - wheelset
@masibikes - brev grip
@michelinusa - dynamic sport tires
@ritcheylogic - seat post
#sugino RD2 48t
@koreusa - track saddle

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Oliberte is making new bags!

I have been loving my @oliberte bag ever since last year. It goes everywhere with me. They are making new types now. Daypacks! Check it out.

Repost from @oliberte Introducing the Tatona backpack, the newest addition to our collection of premium leather bags, crafted by hand out of a small workshop on the outskirts of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia #madeinAfrica #ethicalbags #leathergoods #oliberte




Full details here:

Our dream team is coming to New Orleans Bike Polo on February 6-9. We will be at Mardi Gras!! See ya there. Come hangout with Rhea, Wesley, Aaron and your Ghost of the most. Road trip!

 Taken on my @getolympus TG3 #getolympus

Growing up

Lil' baby AJ. He has been cycling with us since he was 12. Now he is 16 and growing. Outgrowing his frame. Time flies by. Sometimes I don't know if I am mentoring this kid or if seeing his youthful face keeps me from doing anything stupid in front of him.

@gtbicycles - gutterball

Taken on my @getolympus TG3 #getolympus

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cat Gang shirts are finally here!

Image of Cat Gang shirt

Image of Cat Gang shirtImage of Cat Gang shirt
This is my collaborative 2016 shirt with Leslie Valerio. It was produced here in the Jacksonville, FL. at the Silkscreams shop by Joshua Anthony.

Our print was placed on the back of the shirts so others can see our beautiful design while you are riding. The Cat Gang design was created to raise awareness of cycling dangers and also suicide awareness. (Till I Die All 9 Times) Both of these topics heavily effect my daily life to this day. I wanted to make people aware that mental illness can strike anyone, even your very own Ghost in the Spoke.

So, if you are wearing our shirts and someone asks about the design please take a moment to educate others on proper etiquette when approaching a cyclist on the road. And, if you see someone struggling emotionally please promise me that you will give them a helping hand. All the love that I get from everyone is the reason that I am still here today. Other people do not have the same support system, even just one good deed can change a human's mindset. You could save so many great lives with a warm hand and heart. They might become the next member in our Cat Gang.

Lavender represents death, it will be a reoccurring color theme here at Ghost in the Spoke.

Our shirts are printed on black mid-school Reebok tees (Tiny Reebok embroidery on left breast) with lavender screen print.
100% cotton and built to spill. Extremely high quality.
I hope you love all the work that we have put into these shirts. Enjoy.