Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A preview of things to come: Rebirth

This is a preview of the next screen print for our shirts. It's my collaboration with Leslie Valerio.
"Till I Die All 9 Times" represents the dangers of cycling on our roads and also suicidal awareness.
These two topics are things that affect both ourselves and the others around us. Suicidal tendencies are something that I really would not like to talk heavily about but it is something that recently has been taking a large toll on my life. This is the reason that I have not posted in a very long time on Ghost in the Spoke. I have been taking some time to heal.

Depression is real.
Suicide is real.
Evil (no matter what your spiritual beliefs are) is absolutely real.

     Living in a negative environment and not taking control of these things will consume you. Some people need help to get out of despair, so if you see someone that is in pain at least take a moment out of your life to spread positive energy upon another soul. You can save a person's life with the smallest gesture of kindness. I would like to say that I healed on my own but truly without my friends and family at my side I probably would not be here right now. I am so grateful that they are here supporting my steps back into sanity.

     In this world I try my hardest to have my strong will guide me. Unfortunately, negative energy does not give a damn on how strong your will is. It affects all types of people and can happen when it is least expected. I was working so hard on Ghost in the Spoke and then out of the blue some pretty terrible things happened. I had made a huge mistake with a loved one that lead to the end of a relationship. She was there from the beginnings of Ghost in the Spoke so coming back to my work was/is extremely hard. I started back on my vices and began drinking heavily again. After that it was downhill. The chains of hell once again binding my soul from myself. I went insane.

     I'm now trying to get my head together. I want to repair the pain that I have caused others. Our new shirts (they will be coming out very soon) are just the start. I want to fill this world with more positive energy and make sure I can help others through their tough times. Protect those who are sacred to you and keep an open heart to all. You might need the same help one day.

     Throughout all of this pain I did find a silver lining. My spiritual beliefs have changed for what constitutes as life and I have a greater appreciation of those around me. I also learned to be more compassionate. Strength can come in many forms. It takes a person with strong will to get through this world, but it takes a stronger person to admit that they are defeated. Hopefully others do not have to learn that in this same manner.

     Anyone that rides a bike knows the dangers we face everyday on two wheels. If you are wearing our shirts and someone asks you about the design then please take a moment to educate them on proper road etiquette. And, if it looks like someone is about to go kill themselves then keep them busy. Maybe even offer to go ride bikes with them. You never know, you might have another person to add to our Cat Gang.

On a lighter note, there is a lucky cat on our shirts now and I'm back. I don't know how many lives I have left but things are getting better. Let's ride some bikes.

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