Sunday, May 10, 2015

"Not Brass Knuckles" multi-tool // Opening Bottles

Just a little preview of us popping bottles with our Ghost in the Spoke - "Not Brass Knuckles" multi-tool.

 It's good for everything! You can pick up our tool at our online shop. All proceeds from our online shop go to fundraising for an adventurers' hostel in Florida.

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This batch is made with an acid bath finish to make every tool unique to it's owner and then they are set in beeswax. I wanted the first purchasers to get something that they would love since they are investing in our project so this forced patina was my way of showing appreciation. It came out with a nice aged look that will improve even further in the years to come.

"Not Brass Knuckles" multi-tool:

• made in the USA at out of raw heat treated 4130 chromoly steel

• 1-23mm sockets

• emergency lockring tool / bottle opener

• pedal wrenches 14-15mm

• the sockets can lock-in "L" shaped hex keys, socket tools and bits

• top four sockets (20-23mm) are designed for fingers to be placed inside to increase leverage in tight spaced conditions or for whatever obstacle at hand

• "L" shaped hex keys can be placed into smaller sockets to act as a breaker bar for even more leverage.

• pry rod tool

• locking design: On the smaller sockets one side of the socket is tapered down slightly so when you place in the nut in through the backside it "locks" the nut into place. No more stripped tools/nuts!!!

•Size: One size fits all, fits in your pocket.

4.54 x 2.72in

•thickness: .25in

• Designed to be compatible with paracord and you can lace it around the multi-tool.

• You can use it as a hammer.

• They are not brass knuckles.

Our "Not Brass Knuckles" multi-tool is extremely high quality and designed to be your everyday carry-on for all tasks at hand.

Disclaimer for legal purposes: Our "Not Brass Knuckles" multi-tool is only sold as a multi-tool and all coincidences of it being anything else are purely coincidental. How you choose to use it is up to your own discretion for all problems at hand. We recommend mashing potatoes with it, it makes delicious mashed potatoes.

Thank you all for your support.

Video shot on my Olympus TG-3
with Knog [QUDOS] lighting

Music Credit:

Ryan Hemsworth - Nowt Redevel