Thursday, May 7, 2015

I started throwing yo-yos again.

Recently I have started using yo-yos again. I used to play so much when I was a little kid but I could never afford to get a decent yo-yo to expand my skills. I bought my #magicyoyo #T5 last week (the red yoyo) and it felt like a fish to water with this yo-yo. It was very nicely priced at $13.00, it performs like something in a much higher price bracket. I was so impressed by the quality that this week I bought the #N12 Shark model, you can generally find this model for around $20. I have heard nothing but good reviews on this yo-yo so I am very excited to have one of my own. Now I have one undersized yo-yo and one full sized yo-yo!! I plan on adding articles on yo-yos in the future to Ghost in the Spoke since my reclaimed love for them has been reignited. Oh, I forgot to mention the N12 has a shark on it! Sharks on anything are an automatic win in my book. All of you should start throwing yo-yos with me!!#yoyo_club

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