Saturday, May 2, 2015

Home Movies 02 - No Ordinary Night

This is the second installment in our "Home Movies" series, an on going series to help show other aspects of cycling. The idea is to produce cycling films that many new cyclists can relate to. I would like to open our world out to everyone and these videos seem like a good start for people that are just dipping their toes into this massive cycling universe. We filmed all of this on the Orlando Bike Polo "Murder Bus", I love everyone there so if you are ever in Orlando, FL. please check them out.

There is something for everyone!! Thank you for watching.

Since it is national bike month I would love for you all to share our video to increase awareness of all cycling culture.

Filmed on my Olympus TG3,

 with my Knog [QUDOS] camera light.

Music credit: Evil Nine ft. Danny Brown - The Black Brad Pitt

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