Saturday, May 2, 2015

Ghost in the Spoke - Home Movies 01

Ghost in the Spoke "Home Movies" is going to be an on going series of all the videos that I capture on my adventures. I was going to make one HUGE video of a weekend at Bear Polo but I decided to go ahead and make a ton of small videos so you can see more of what we do. I figured that if we made more videos it would increase exposure of all things bikes and it would help expand the amount of people that would be interested in cycling culture. I hope you all enjoy our videos in it's homebrewed glory. Please share the video for me!!!

Taken on my Olympus TG3
Music Credit: Go team x Bloc Party - positive tension remix
YOYO MAN: Wil Fady
Yoyo: Yoyojam Dr. Popular Bolt

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