Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bike to Work Week (May 11th-15th)

I'm not perfect, either. I've made tons of stupid mistakes, and later I regretted them. And I've done it over and over again, thousands of times; a cycle of hollow joy and vicious self-hatred. But even so, every time I learned something about myself.
-Misato Katsuragi, Neon Genesis Evangelion

     In celebration of "Bike to Work Week" I figured I would write a little bit of something to maybe inspire others to make this life choice. It is something that has changed me in such a profound way. Around this time last year I wrote the "about" section of this blog. You can read it here. Click me!! It essentially portrays my story, the fight with alcohol abuse, an announcement of pursuing my dreams to build an adventurer's hostel** and how Ghost in the Spoke has grown into something much more than it's origins. Everything in my life changed in a great new direction with one single choice on how it was traversed.  Cycling to commute to work and everywhere else that I go was something that saved my heart and soul.
( I still enjoy a beer or two when I am out with friends but excess is still a temptation. It took a long time find a proper balance, just the same as every trackstand on the lights I cannot pass.)

     When you are having a rough time in your life and it feels like the everything is going wrong, the best thing that you can truly do is become physically active. There is no prescription or supplement that can even come close to the positive effect of movement, all without negative symptoms from other choices.

 Cycling is a good choice because it is low-impact and takes a high caloric use from your body. If you get your heart pumping as you are traveling to where you want to go that engorged heart will radiate to those all around you when you get there! I can't say that it will turn you into a super model but within two or three months you will defiinitely see some physical improvement. You will feel better because you are indeed becoming better in many different aspects.  

Commuting on bicycles will make you see the world in a different light.

     The time lapse above is one of my routes for recreational cycling but a portion of it is actually what I take to get to my day job. IT'S AN AWESOME WAY TO START YOUR DAY! I often plan my day with eating at a park to enjoy nature since I am already right in the thick of it. When I used to drive a vehicle I never really took time out of my day to enjoy simple things. I was like a machine. Statistically the average person spends 30,000+ hours in a lifetime driving. Why not use some of that time on a bicycle and enjoy yourself a little bit more? Sure it will take you longer but you will have more fun!! In a car it takes me 15 minutes to get to work, if I push hard on a bike it takes me around 20 minutes. It can take longer for others but if you live in an area that is highly populated there is a high chance that you can get to your destination faster than being in a vehicle.

There is not enough time in our lifespan to choose anything that does not ultimately make us happy. Even through the rain, cold, heat and pain there have been only a few times that I have not had a smile on my face when riding a bicycle.

There are only a handful of other things that can do the same for me in this life, and that is something to really think about.

Cycling is something that everyone can do at almost any age. There is a bike that is available for everyone's specific needs and there is nothing besides time left on this planet that will keep you from participating in such a healthy activity. Even when you are old and grey there is a bicycle to add color into your life.

(This is a bicycle that I built up for Mrs.Hogan. She is one of our customers at my day job. She told me that I had inspired her to ride when she saw me cycling everyday to work.)

On your travels you are sure to meet some very interesting people.

     The video above is from our new "Home Movies" series which is a small peek into the massive cycling universe that we have all around us. I decided to start this series so that others can see all of the different types of cycling everyone can get into (There will be more in the future). For me, it was originally just commuting alone, it moved into community rides, then bike polo, now photography and producing all sorts of cycling content.

     What I am getting at is that there is something for everyone. Your first push out into the open road can lead you to places/people that you would not have ever known existed before. The friends that I have made on my commutes are some of the most loyal, interesting and genuine people that I have ever met. Cycling has given me memories with these people that I now cherish over most things in this world.
Bike kids are just cool, super nice too!

Cycling changes the way you think.

The example above is my "Not Brass Knuckles" multi-tool / pedal wrench that I developed.  You can find full details of our tools here! CLICK ME!   

     They say that it takes 10,000+ hours of doing one specific thing before you become an expert at it. I am far from an expert but I will say that since I have been commuting by bike my method of thought has completely changed. I route my day like I route my bike rides, I now prepare for the worst and I even pack for others. I even invented an emergency multi-tool so everyone can be prepared for the most life threatening situations possible. Cycling forces you to make rational decisions so you do not end up stranded in the middle of nowhere. This mentality naturally transfers over to your daily life and the skills can be applied everywhere.

Commuting on bicycle conditions both your mind and body. It is something that consistently helps you deal with fear and how to make it alive to see another day. When you take the road there are giant metal behemoths that travel at speeds that can instantly kill you. This is a healthy fear to be afraid of and once you learn to overcome it you will grow into a much stronger person. You will learn to trust yourself because sometimes there is no one there to guide you. It is during these times that you are able to sprout new ideas of your own.
Oh and the best part about riding bikes is that you will save money! 
Then you can buy more bikes!

Riding bicycles will make you want to ride more bicycles.

     Believe it or not, one of my favorite bikes that I own is actually not the fastest and not the most practical. It is however, THE MOST FUN!!! I love my Respect Cycles Mini-velo!!
Cycling is so great for you specifically because it reminds you to have fun. That is something that most of us forget to do as we grow older. 
If you take anything from this article please let it be this: 
     Regardless of whether we are on our feet, in a car or on a bicycle, we are all traveling to the same destination. In the end we are all eventually going to travel to our graves. The best part is that it's not about the final destination. It's about how we got there and how good we felt along the way. 

     I guarantee that if you put more miles on a bicycle starting at this very moment the enrichment to your lives will be so much better. It changed my life more than I could ever imagine and now I'm pursuing my dreams because of it. All because I sat down one day and thought about where I want to be at my own life's finish line, it was on a bike.

If you enjoyed this article then please do me a favor and share it to all your loved ones and people that you feel would be inspired to hop on their bicycle. 

Thank you for reading.


        My dream to make an adventurer's hostel is getting closer every day, I am pushing for 6 months before completion but realistically this could take a year.  I have a couple more things that I have to do to make it come together.  

I know that I need to find a more cost effective way to produce my tools so it's retail price is in a price bracket that more cyclists can afford, all while keeping them in the same heirloom quality bracket. I was thinking of investment casting from Reliance Foundry.Then I can sell all my tools and make fundings needed for my adventurer's hostel. I hope to put more people on bikes and spread as much love as I can along the way. This is a hard push but every hill can be climbed and enjoyed going down on the other side. I refuse to be defeated and I promise to keep you all updated.

The good news is that we are growing.
10,600 followers of our content
162,100 total "likes" in our photography received
And, a whole lot of love from everyone.

Honorable mentions for my inspiration to write this article and everything I do on my daily grind:
      My supportive girlfriend Mandi , family and friends that have seen this whole adventure of my life while cycling.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

"Not Brass Knuckles" multi-tool // Opening Bottles

Just a little preview of us popping bottles with our Ghost in the Spoke - "Not Brass Knuckles" multi-tool.

 It's good for everything! You can pick up our tool at our online shop. All proceeds from our online shop go to fundraising for an adventurers' hostel in Florida.

( www.ghostinthespoke.bigcartel.com )


This batch is made with an acid bath finish to make every tool unique to it's owner and then they are set in beeswax. I wanted the first purchasers to get something that they would love since they are investing in our project so this forced patina was my way of showing appreciation. It came out with a nice aged look that will improve even further in the years to come.

"Not Brass Knuckles" multi-tool:

• made in the USA at www.bigbluesaw.com out of raw heat treated 4130 chromoly steel

• 1-23mm sockets

• emergency lockring tool / bottle opener

• pedal wrenches 14-15mm

• the sockets can lock-in "L" shaped hex keys, socket tools and bits

• top four sockets (20-23mm) are designed for fingers to be placed inside to increase leverage in tight spaced conditions or for whatever obstacle at hand

• "L" shaped hex keys can be placed into smaller sockets to act as a breaker bar for even more leverage.

• pry rod tool

• locking design: On the smaller sockets one side of the socket is tapered down slightly so when you place in the nut in through the backside it "locks" the nut into place. No more stripped tools/nuts!!!

•Size: One size fits all, fits in your pocket.

4.54 x 2.72in

•thickness: .25in

• Designed to be compatible with paracord and you can lace it around the multi-tool.

• You can use it as a hammer.

• They are not brass knuckles.

Our "Not Brass Knuckles" multi-tool is extremely high quality and designed to be your everyday carry-on for all tasks at hand.

Disclaimer for legal purposes: Our "Not Brass Knuckles" multi-tool is only sold as a multi-tool and all coincidences of it being anything else are purely coincidental. How you choose to use it is up to your own discretion for all problems at hand. We recommend mashing potatoes with it, it makes delicious mashed potatoes.

Thank you all for your support.

Video shot on my Olympus TG-3
with Knog [QUDOS] lighting

Music Credit:

Ryan Hemsworth - Nowt Redevel

Saturday, May 9, 2015

50 miles fixed gear, secret Greencove, FL. harbor.

Mandi and I made our way to a secret harbor!
We did 50 miles fixed gear that day. Whew!! Adventure couple ftw. Check out the full set here!

Items featured in this mini set: 
@orfoslights - lightset
@sebikes - Quadangle frame 
@aerospoke_official - wheelset 15t 
@eighthinch- 43t cranks
@trampstraps - pedal straps 
@vpcomponents - vice pedals 
@cinelli_official - unicanitor saddle 
@fixcraft - 2.5 riser handlebar 
@BearsTraps - leather beer bomber 
@oliberte x@bookman - leather bag and reflector

@sebikes - PK Ripper
@velocityusa -deep v wheelset

photos taken on my @getolympus - tg-3

Bricklane Bikes - FULL DISC WHEEL!

I think I will start selling my blood for these. @bricklanebikes always has something new up their sleeves. Good job. By @bricklanebikes IT HAS LANDED! The BLB Notorious Zero full carbon disc clincher wheel is here! #BLB#bricklanebikes #notorious #notoriouszero #carbon #discwheel #bikeporn#fixedgear #fixedlife

More love for our "Not Brass Knuckles" multi-tool

It makes me so happy that you all love our #notbrassknuckles multi-tool. For the full specs please check out our online shop in our IG profile! I put my whole heart into making a carry on for all occasions. I only have a few of our first edition models left and the next batch will not have our special acid bath. If you are interested please understand that it will not be here forever! Thanks a ton!

 repost via from @fixsixsix @fixsixsix Whoa check out the new stuff!@unknownbikes 5 panel hat, and holy shit a "not brass knuckles" bike tool from @ghost_in_the_spoke, this thing is so rad! #notbrassknuckles

Yoyo Factory: Titanium Yoyo

Life goals: One day I hope to own a custom titanium bicycle frame. I'm 5'5 so the amount of frames that I have access to buy are extremely limited. Edit: The bicycle frame would need to have this badass @yoyofactory titanium yoyo to match. I have to work hard this year to make the hostel come first then I will work on everything else. 

By "@yoyofactory Today we took the biggest step towards making the Dream Titanium YoYo a reality! A working sample, just 2 weeks after the project was announced and 1 week after it reached funding! For your chance to own one for the backers price of $200 (retail will be $300) visit the link in our page bio #yyfti"

Ghost in the Spoke "Booty Bags"

Our BOOTY BAGS are available for $10 from our online site www.ghostinthespoke.bigcartel.com and all proceeds go to funding a hostel. It means the world to me that you all love our goods and I will gladly repost a photo of all who help us along the way on our IG. Just tag #bike_club in the photos of yourself in our merch and we can get things rolling like chainring and cog. Thank you all! 

Thursday, May 7, 2015


I need a fat bike. So sad that I couldn't hang when SE Bikes were around. I was out on another trip while they had a fest here in St.Augustine. :( 

By @sebikes@sebikes The #fatripper is part of the #chaingang! This beast of #bmx +#fatbike will be available at the end of the summer for $849 MSRP. Who's gettin' one of these bad boys!? #sebikes #seracing

Respect Cycles V2

I'm so proud of @respectcycles! @respectcycles Their mini-velos are now shipped worldwide! The new V2 model is full chromoly so they can take a beating! They are offering free shipping to all of our followers! You can use promocode "Ghost" to get free shipping in the USA. These are super fun to ride!

I started throwing yo-yos again.

Recently I have started using yo-yos again. I used to play so much when I was a little kid but I could never afford to get a decent yo-yo to expand my skills. I bought my #magicyoyo #T5 last week (the red yoyo) and it felt like a fish to water with this yo-yo. It was very nicely priced at $13.00, it performs like something in a much higher price bracket. I was so impressed by the quality that this week I bought the #N12 Shark model, you can generally find this model for around $20. I have heard nothing but good reviews on this yo-yo so I am very excited to have one of my own. Now I have one undersized yo-yo and one full sized yo-yo!! I plan on adding articles on yo-yos in the future to Ghost in the Spoke since my reclaimed love for them has been reignited. Oh, I forgot to mention the N12 has a shark on it! Sharks on anything are an automatic win in my book. All of you should start throwing yo-yos with me!!#yoyo_club

Block Bullies - clothing line

Dat new new. DIY screen print in all of it's glorious thick goodness from my friends @twostrap @twostrap @twostrap If you spot me holla I will pull over. We appreciate the support. #blockbullies #fgfs #bikelife #nycshit #nyc#bbnyc #free #support #fixie

Orfos Lights test phase 1

Orfos Lights test phase 1: These @orfoslights @orfoslights are insanely bright. ( video preview edit soon!) I have never owned a full set of lights from this price bracket. I actually took these pictures in the rain and it still shows how bright these lights are!!! The best part is that these have magentic mountings (extremely streamlined mounting system) and I run steel frames so it's perfect! You can pick them up from http://www.orfos.bike/ . 

More to come soon! Items featured in this mini set: 
@orfoslights - lightset 
@sebikes - Quadangle frame
@aerospoke_official - wheelset 15t 
@eighthinch- 43t cranks 
@trampstraps - pedal straps 
@vpcomponents - vice pedals 
@cinelli_official - unicanitor saddle
@fixcraft - 2.5 riser handlebar 
@BearsTraps - leather beer bomber @oliberte x@bookman - leather bag and reflector

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Home Movies 02 - No Ordinary Night

This is the second installment in our "Home Movies" series, an on going series to help show other aspects of cycling. The idea is to produce cycling films that many new cyclists can relate to. I would like to open our world out to everyone and these videos seem like a good start for people that are just dipping their toes into this massive cycling universe. We filmed all of this on the Orlando Bike Polo "Murder Bus", I love everyone there so if you are ever in Orlando, FL. please check them out.

There is something for everyone!! Thank you for watching.

Since it is national bike month I would love for you all to share our video to increase awareness of all cycling culture.

Filmed on my Olympus TG3,

 with my Knog [QUDOS] camera light.

Music credit: Evil Nine ft. Danny Brown - The Black Brad Pitt

If you would like to show support of our projects you can always pick up something from our online shop or share our videos!  www.ghostinthespoke.bigcartel.com

Ghost in the Spoke - Home Movies 01

Ghost in the Spoke "Home Movies" is going to be an on going series of all the videos that I capture on my adventures. I was going to make one HUGE video of a weekend at Bear Polo but I decided to go ahead and make a ton of small videos so you can see more of what we do. I figured that if we made more videos it would increase exposure of all things bikes and it would help expand the amount of people that would be interested in cycling culture. I hope you all enjoy our videos in it's homebrewed glory. Please share the video for me!!!

Taken on my Olympus TG3
Music Credit: Go team x Bloc Party - positive tension remix
YOYO MAN: Wil Fady
Yoyo: Yoyojam Dr. Popular Bolt

Friday, May 1, 2015

Respectcycles' Handlebasket

Lots of people have asked me about my basket. It's my@respectcycles handlebasket and I use it on my commuter. I have a daily commute of about 13-17 miles depending on what I have to do that day or if I want to take the long way. It has actually serviced me well. I put my groceries and anything else that cant fit inside my backpack inside the rack. I like it because it is integrated into the handlebar.
@bookman - lights
@sebikes-premium ale
@banjobrothers - metro bag
#marvelcompoundairless tires

Camera used - @getolympus TG-3

Robbie C. picked up our new "Not Brass Knuckles" multi-tool.

Robbie C. picked up our new "Not Brass Knuckles" multi-tool. He added it to his collection. Thanks a ton for the support. Can any of our followers spot the one that is #notbrassknuckles?
Dont forget that our multi-tool has a forced acid bath patina on this first batch! So pick them up while you still have a chance at this limited edition from our online shop at www.ghostinthespoke.bigcartel.com Enjoy!