Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Bookman Coffee holder can hold beer!

On the party bus to Bear Polo I finally figured out a perfect solution to placing bottles in the @bookman coffee holder. If you take a @stanley_brand coffee cup from the large 1.1qt vacuum bottle it fits super snug in the coffee holder. Then presto!!!!!!!!!! bottle fits nicely. I carry my vacuum bottle anyways so it works. I'll post a better pic soon. Also, we figured out that you can place the @bookman coffee holder on many things besides bikes. It fits on the party bus too.

Keystone Heights' trails

Keystone Heights, FL Their trails are beautiful. Even though times can be extremely tough, I make sure to spend time on the bicycle for more than just commuting and business. Joy rides are my favorite.

@sebikes - premium ale

#MarvelCompoundTires -Airless Daytona TT tires

@Origin8cycling - 17t propulsion cog #Sugino - messenger 48t

@_knog_ - Blinder light series

@Trampstraps - $20 straps shipped with our promo code "DIRTYDOGS"

@vpcomponents - vp001 pedal

@banjobrothers - metro bag

@respectcycles - handlebasket photo taken on my @getolympus tg-3

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Orfos Flare light set preview

Here is a little video of the Orfos Flare light set that I picked up for the crew. I hope you love it. You can tell that they put a ton of love into these lights. I have never owned a full set of lights that are in this price bracket, and from the amount of time that I have used them I have had nothing but love for these lights. It has been helping on my commutes, especially when I ride home on my way home on a road without streetlights.

 Manufacture specs: 

300 TO 500 LUMENS 

INCREDIBLE BRIGHTNESS:  Utilizing 9 of the most efficient half watt LEDs available, the RED Flare is 300 Lumens. The WHITE Flare is 500 Lumens. These lights will match the intensity and light dispersion of modern LED car tail lights and daytime running lights. HIGH mode is bright enough to be used during the day or early evening! For rides in the darker hours of the night when eyes are dilated to let in more light, MEDIUM or LOW brightness modes will give extended run times.

 360° VISIBILITY:  The LEDs are surrounded by a reflective interior, and are entirely encapsulated/potted in optically clear silicone and a clear outer polycarbonate shell. Acting similar to lenses and fiber optics, the light is diffused throughout the case and emits at every angle. The Flares are designed to be seen!

WATERPROOF: Since the Flares are entirely encapsulated, they are completely protected from the elements (water/dust/vibration...etc). A low viscosity silicone is injected inside flowing around the electronics to fill all gaps internally and remove all air. There is literally nothing for water to get into. This is the only no-compromise solution for completely protecting electronics in harsh environments. Outside of the military or aerospace world, this is typically never done. Some scuba-diving friends took the Flares 50 feet underwater for an hour to put them to the test. They definitely did not disappoint! With essentially military grade durability and longevity, these lights are designed to be the last lights you will ever need.

MAGNETIC MOUNTING:  The large magnets are N52 grade neodymium, which is the strongest grade of magnet available. The mount is then over-molded with rubber to prevent damage to your bike. Your lights will remain attached no matter how extreme the terrain is, but at the end of the day, you will be able to conveniently remove them for charging. Each light will come with twelve, premium, weather resistant, nylon cable ties for securing the magnetic mount almost anywhere. Mount to seat posts, saddle bags, helmets, backpacks, rain covers, etc..

RECHARGEABLE VIA USB PORT: Utilizing a micro USB port, you can charge the Flare anywhere that you charge your phone. The Flare intelligently knows the difference between all types of USB chargers to ensure the shortest charging time, and get you back on the road quickly and efficiently. You can get up to 24 hours of usable battery life with a 90 minute charge.

ELEGANCE: The Flares are designed to seamlessly interface with your bicycle, providing the most beautiful and noticeable illumination allowed by technology. The compact and aerodynamic design concentrates on what is essential, using every millimeter to increase your visibility and safety. Nothing was left to chance. Bicycles are works of art, and the Flare is the perfect complement.

MODES: The Flares have four powerful patterns from which to choose (solid,pulse,blink,hyper), as well as three brightness levels for each pattern. To switch between the patterns, it just takes a simple click of the button on the top of the light. To switch between the brightness levels, simply press the button down for just half a second. This allows you to adjust your visibility to your preference and need. Holding the button for a few seconds will turn it off, and of course, when you turn it back on, it will remember your last pattern and brightness.

POWER SAVER MODE: When the battery is about to die, the Flares will automatically switch to power saver mode giving an extra 30 minutes on LOW (slow pulsing) indicating that it is time for you to charge. LOW is actually ultra bright for night use, so even though it is called "power saver mode", your visibility and safety will not be sacrificed.

ASSEMBLED IN WASHINGTON STATE, USA: We have partnered with local assemblers to keep this product entirely assembled and tested in the United States. Not only does this benefit the American economy, it reduces assembly time since deliveries to and from the assemblers can be done by hand.

Material: Optically clear Polycarbonate shell, encapsulated with optically clear silicone.

Lumens: up to 300 RED, up to 500 WHITE
Size: 73.5mm tall, 23.5mm wide, 28.5mm deep
Weight: Flare: 90g. mount: 22g
Battery: Custom high capacity LiFePO4 cell
Full Charge time: ~1.5 hours (usb wall charger)
Battery life: (depending on the pattern) HIGH: 1.5-5 hours (FOR DAY USE ONLY) MED: 4-10 hours LOW: up to 24 Hours

You can pick up the lights HERE!

Music credit: Yumi Zouma - Song For Zoe & Gwen

Camera used: Olympus TG-3