Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Check out Robinhood Bikes!

If you all get a chance please check out @robinhoodbikes they want to build up beautiful bikes and give back to our world at the same time. @robinhoodbikes wants to give a bike to the less fortunate for every bike that they sell. 1 for 1. 
When I was very young I lived a very poor life. If we had more people in our world that helped out others in need then there would be less children that would have to experience any sort of unnecessary pain that I went through. It kills me deeply on the inside to see others struggle because I know how it feels. Even to this day, sometimes there will be other bike kids that cannot even afford meals while we eat. I go ballistic and scream at them for not even letting me know. Sometimes I get distracted and cannot see everything all at once. But as soon as I make eye contact it is for certain that within a moment the other person has food in their hand. And, generally a beer or whatever the hell they want. Money can always be made but hunger/pain is always a memory that cannot be removed without love. And it fucking sucks. 

Give love to those that need it and carry extra snacks. That's my advice for the day. Peace. 
p.s. On the bright side that hunger made me innovative and molded strong character to do what I do today. That could have been formed in other ways than pain though.

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