Thursday, February 26, 2015

My submission to Big Blue Saw's contest

Here is a preview of a new product that will be hitting our online shop very soon!
UPDATE: Here is the design set for production! You can still vote on the old design but this will be the one used.
 BEE STING Multi-tool
I have also sent it in as a submission to Big Blue Saw and if you can please vote for my design to win the contest it would mean the world to me. All you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the contest and vote on my submission. CLICK HERE  It would help ease the transition into carrying a mult-tool for all of you to enjoy.


I designed this multi-tool for times when you are most in need and when every second matters. This tool was built to take care of you in an emergency. 

It has a 1-23mm set of sockets for almost every bolt that you could come across. 
She sports a bottle opener that even doubles as a lockring removal tool for many different applications. 
Open sockets for use as a pedal wrench!
Allen keys can be placed in hex sockets for added leverage for your tools.

When time matters most I hope that you choose my Bee Sting Multi-tool for every obstacle at hand. Our tool was designed to take the stings out of life and keep you moving along by smoothly.
Disclaimer for legal purposes: The Bee Sting Multi-tool is "NOT" intended for use as brass knuckles even though it is extremely strong and shaped to fit all hands for leverage while in use. Any qualities that are similar are pure coincidence and this is sold as a multi-purpose tool. How you choose to use it is up to your own discretion for all problems at hand.

The Bee Sting Multi-tool can be found soon for purchase at on our online shop. All proceeds from my Bee Sting Multi-tool will go to fundraising for a bicycle hostel in the near future. I hope you love the honey comb design!! Thank you for your time.

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