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Cycling Adventures of a Southern Transplant: Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump Review

Cycling Adventures of a Southern Transplant: Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump Review:

MSRP: $35.00

Amazon Price (2/20/15): $26.72

Manufacturer Details:
· Simple Valve Head fits Presta and Schrader Valves
· Alloy Barrel with sturdy nylon base and handle
· Easy to read gauge
· Includes Ball and Accessory Inflators
· 160 PSI Capacity

This time last year, I found my enthusiasm for cycling pick up. Recently single, I was looking for something to pass the time and putting in more miles on my Bianchi fixed gear convert was an easy choice. I quickly found release and enjoyment in the increase road time. I also gained more knowledge in the wear and tear aspect of our wonderful pastime. Tires and tubes quickly gave way to the abuse I put them through. It was no surprise that my Schwinn Walmart special floor pump gave way to all those tube refills.

I found myself scrolling the pages of Amazon looking for something to quickly replace my floor pump. With no pump in hand, I knew my rides would come to a screeching halt. I was not on a budget, but did not want to blow my load on a floor pump. I could find plenty of other parts to handle that job with. After looking over a variety of pumps, I settled on the Serfas TCPG.

My purchase of the TCPG was based on a number of reasons, including the price, the valve head, and immediate availability. With options available on Amazon ranging from $2.50 for an old school foot pump to well over $100 for various Topeak all metal models. At the time of order, the pump ran me $30.26. For what I felt I would receive, the extra 5 dollars over my Schwinn 5-in-1 floor pump seemed well worth it. The next aspect that really peaked my interest was the Simple valve pump head. The valve head is made to fit both Presta and Schrader valves without changing out any valve head pieces. Lastly, with my Amazon Prime account, the floor pump was available with 2 day free shipping. Might as well take advantage of fast free shipping and get back to the pavement.

Now, Im the real reason we are here, or why I feel good about my choice of pump. The main reason I am loving this pump is the valve head. It’s so easy to use with a Presta valve, and amazing to know that if I have to service a Schrader valve, I won’t have to fiddle with the valve head to swap. Changing the valve head back and forth on my Schwinn pump was not only a pain in the ass, but lead the pump’s final demise. The only downside I have seen with this pump head is when working with shorter Presta valve stems (42mm). This may have more to do with the slight V styling of my H Plus Son Archetype rims, but with little room to grab the valve, I have had the pump valve head come off when trying to pump. My 60mm valve stem does not seem to have the same issue. The pump has a decent handle length to hold on to with a light rubber grip. Sweaty hands aren’t coming off this pump, but I would expect no less from any reasonable floor pump. The base is of a decent width to keep the pumper’s feet on and even includes rubber pegs to help keep the pump securely under one’s feet. If the waffle sole of my Vans were not so worn, I would expect it to fit nicely fit inside. The metal tube and over all construction suggest that the pump should last for quite some time. The pressure gauge includes a swivel arrow to easily see what ideal pressure you are pumping for. The tube length seems standard, but could be a bit longer.

Over all, Im very pleased with the pump. It handles my basic needs and was reasonably priced. If this lower end Serfas model is any indication of the quality of their higher end pumps, then I would expect wonderful things from each additional Benjamin a buyer is willing to spend on the other Serfas offerings. Thanks for checking out my first review. More good things to come.

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