Thursday, February 19, 2015

Building a Fixcraft Bike Polo Mallet

What you will need:
-any Fixcraft Mallet Shaft
-either a Fixcraft Mallet Handle or cloth tape
-your choice from the Fixcraft Mallet heads
-the Fixcraft Connect Add-on kit
- a hand saw and some WD-40 
Fixcraft actually makes a bundle that you can pick up here (click here).
1.Wedge the tapered end of mallet shaft into largest mallet head socket.
2. Push the shaft all the way through till it is close to the smaller mallet head socket.
            You will want around  .75cm clearance
3. Install the Fixcraft Connect add-on kit.
4. Place the aluminum cleat from add-on kit in between shaft and mallet.
5. Screw in the steel bolt to the mallet shaft.
     Everything should wedge securely in place.
6.It's time to grab the hand saw, score the length of how long you want the mallet.
7. Cut off the excess and dull down the sharp edge from your cut.
( Don't forget to tap out the metal shavings from the shaft. )
8. Spray WD-40 into shaft grip. Also, spray directly on shaft for good measure.
9. Install plastic plug onto shaft end from the add-on kit (optional) and feed the shaft into the grip.

And, that's how you make a Fixcraft bike polo mallet!

Thanks for watching!!!

Andy Christine from Dirty Cycle Works ( crazy polo mallet guy )
Ri Crosier from Ghost in the Spoke
Filmed on a Reel Cameras HD Slayer
Fixcraft -

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