Thursday, February 26, 2015

My submission to Big Blue Saw's contest

Here is a preview of a new product that will be hitting our online shop very soon!
UPDATE: Here is the design set for production! You can still vote on the old design but this will be the one used.
 BEE STING Multi-tool
I have also sent it in as a submission to Big Blue Saw and if you can please vote for my design to win the contest it would mean the world to me. All you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the contest and vote on my submission. CLICK HERE  It would help ease the transition into carrying a mult-tool for all of you to enjoy.


I designed this multi-tool for times when you are most in need and when every second matters. This tool was built to take care of you in an emergency. 

It has a 1-23mm set of sockets for almost every bolt that you could come across. 
She sports a bottle opener that even doubles as a lockring removal tool for many different applications. 
Open sockets for use as a pedal wrench!
Allen keys can be placed in hex sockets for added leverage for your tools.

When time matters most I hope that you choose my Bee Sting Multi-tool for every obstacle at hand. Our tool was designed to take the stings out of life and keep you moving along by smoothly.
Disclaimer for legal purposes: The Bee Sting Multi-tool is "NOT" intended for use as brass knuckles even though it is extremely strong and shaped to fit all hands for leverage while in use. Any qualities that are similar are pure coincidence and this is sold as a multi-purpose tool. How you choose to use it is up to your own discretion for all problems at hand.

The Bee Sting Multi-tool can be found soon for purchase at on our online shop. All proceeds from my Bee Sting Multi-tool will go to fundraising for a bicycle hostel in the near future. I hope you love the honey comb design!! Thank you for your time.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Knog, competition time!!!!

My buddies at Knog will be throwing a competition soon. I will be participating in it for sure!!!

KnogThis Monday we'll be launching an amazing new film contest with the chance to win up to $15,000 worth of prizes & we want you to be involved. There's heaps of awesome gear up for grabs and it's dead easy to enter. 
Be sure to check in on Monday to find out more..

Monday, February 23, 2015

REVIEW: Fi'zi:k ICS Saddle PA:K

Thank you Bear Pope for writing on our blog!

Fi'zi:k ICS Saddle PA:K

MSRP: 20 Euros ($22.76)

Amazon Price (2/22/15): $23.86

Manufacturer Details:
· Water Resistant Bag
· Integrated Clip System

Last March, I decided it was time to step up my saddle game and move from a usedSpecialized saddle from a friend’s bike to a Fi’zi:k Arione Versus. This review is not about the saddle, but about the saddle bag I decided to try with it.

Fi’zi:k saddles are made with an ICS or Integrated Clip System. Fi’zi:k offers a few accessories that clip into the system including, two rear light options and two saddle bag options. With my push towards more miles last year it became apparent that I needed to have a number of items on me at all times for various situations that my occur during longer rides. Adding a saddle bag to my ride made complete sense and the ICS seemed like a good option to check out.

When I first took to Amazon (Love my Prime account), I checked out some the strap on options (that’s what she said). While there were plenty of nice options, I had already set my sites on a Fi’zi:k saddle, and in turn, the PA:K. I was nervous at first. The Amazon reviews were not very positive for the ICS Saddle PA:K. There were many tales of bags being lost due to clips popping out. I decided that I would give it a shot since the price point, along with my income at that time, made it reasonable to take the chance. In the end taking the chance has been worth it.

My first Fi’zi:k ICS Saddle PA:K made it well over 700 miles with me. My loss of that first bag was not due to a failure in the ICS clip, but in my own misjudgment of a space between vehicles and subsequent bouncing between the trailer of a Semi and the hood a van. Unfortunately, the plastic at the hinge gave way to my weight on the bike against the van hood. The ICS clip easily took on many other unfortunate obstacles. One of my main mashing grounds back in Duval, the Baldwin Trail, included a gnarly railroad track crossing that I often hit at an average of 18 mph. Tooling around Jacksonville would often lead to other track crossings as well as rough pavement sections. Not once did the clip fail me. The same held true here in New York. Massive pot holes, railroad crossings, and other unforeseen bumps and divots never caused a loss in bad. Once clipped in, this bag holds true.

The bag boasts a number of other great features including space, water resistance, and straps for other purposes. During all my miles, including a rather nasty storm, I never noticed a thing inside the bag becoming wet or even remotely damp. In the same respect, the ICS and using this bag deters me from using my Ass Saver’s fender. I would have to pick up a more permanent fender for rear end protection while riding with this bag. While the bag may not be large, it has plenty of room for my necessities. Currently, my bag includes a Park Tools AWS-11 Folding Hex Key set, a pair of Pedros Tire Levers, spare 700c tube, CO2 cartridge and inflation valve, Albuterol Inhaler, spare light batteries, antacid pills, and an Amex Charge card. If I needed much more and I might as well have on my Burro Bag Messenger bag. Lastly, there are two side loops and a rear loop for either additional retention, or I supposed if you needed to strap some other item to the bag. I, for one, have used the rear strap to hang the bag on my carabiner when I have made stops during leisure rides where it was not smart to leave the bag clipped into my saddle.

Over all, I have been extremely pleased with my Fi’zi:k ICS Saddle PA:K. It keep my necessities safely stowed, dry, and has had no clip failures. I know had I not smacked that van, I would still have my original a year and another 500 miles later. I would recommend the bag to anyone with or interested in the Fi’zi:k Saddle lineup.

Follow me and my cycling adventures on IG @bear.pope.fix and check back here for tales of the 5 Boroughs Pavement.

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Burro Bags - new wallets

My friends at @burrobags @burrobags put out some wallets to add to their cycling specific bag line. The waxed canvas looks great! I wonder if it keeps your money dry? 

By @burrobags "Ditch that wallet you've had since freshman year for NEW OPTIONS!! Black or Brown Waxed Canvas #bifoldwallet #wallet#handmade #madeinamerica #novelcro #madeintheusa"

Chappy Lips is dropping in some new work!

Our illustrator @lesliebeeart @lesliebeeart is finally making time for more art.

By @lesliebeeart ""Decisions," 2015, ink on paper"

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cycling Adventures of a Southern Transplant: Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump Review

Cycling Adventures of a Southern Transplant: Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump Review:

MSRP: $35.00

Amazon Price (2/20/15): $26.72

Manufacturer Details:
· Simple Valve Head fits Presta and Schrader Valves
· Alloy Barrel with sturdy nylon base and handle
· Easy to read gauge
· Includes Ball and Accessory Inflators
· 160 PSI Capacity

This time last year, I found my enthusiasm for cycling pick up. Recently single, I was looking for something to pass the time and putting in more miles on my Bianchi fixed gear convert was an easy choice. I quickly found release and enjoyment in the increase road time. I also gained more knowledge in the wear and tear aspect of our wonderful pastime. Tires and tubes quickly gave way to the abuse I put them through. It was no surprise that my Schwinn Walmart special floor pump gave way to all those tube refills.

I found myself scrolling the pages of Amazon looking for something to quickly replace my floor pump. With no pump in hand, I knew my rides would come to a screeching halt. I was not on a budget, but did not want to blow my load on a floor pump. I could find plenty of other parts to handle that job with. After looking over a variety of pumps, I settled on the Serfas TCPG.

My purchase of the TCPG was based on a number of reasons, including the price, the valve head, and immediate availability. With options available on Amazon ranging from $2.50 for an old school foot pump to well over $100 for various Topeak all metal models. At the time of order, the pump ran me $30.26. For what I felt I would receive, the extra 5 dollars over my Schwinn 5-in-1 floor pump seemed well worth it. The next aspect that really peaked my interest was the Simple valve pump head. The valve head is made to fit both Presta and Schrader valves without changing out any valve head pieces. Lastly, with my Amazon Prime account, the floor pump was available with 2 day free shipping. Might as well take advantage of fast free shipping and get back to the pavement.

Now, Im the real reason we are here, or why I feel good about my choice of pump. The main reason I am loving this pump is the valve head. It’s so easy to use with a Presta valve, and amazing to know that if I have to service a Schrader valve, I won’t have to fiddle with the valve head to swap. Changing the valve head back and forth on my Schwinn pump was not only a pain in the ass, but lead the pump’s final demise. The only downside I have seen with this pump head is when working with shorter Presta valve stems (42mm). This may have more to do with the slight V styling of my H Plus Son Archetype rims, but with little room to grab the valve, I have had the pump valve head come off when trying to pump. My 60mm valve stem does not seem to have the same issue. The pump has a decent handle length to hold on to with a light rubber grip. Sweaty hands aren’t coming off this pump, but I would expect no less from any reasonable floor pump. The base is of a decent width to keep the pumper’s feet on and even includes rubber pegs to help keep the pump securely under one’s feet. If the waffle sole of my Vans were not so worn, I would expect it to fit nicely fit inside. The metal tube and over all construction suggest that the pump should last for quite some time. The pressure gauge includes a swivel arrow to easily see what ideal pressure you are pumping for. The tube length seems standard, but could be a bit longer.

Over all, Im very pleased with the pump. It handles my basic needs and was reasonably priced. If this lower end Serfas model is any indication of the quality of their higher end pumps, then I would expect wonderful things from each additional Benjamin a buyer is willing to spend on the other Serfas offerings. Thanks for checking out my first review. More good things to come.

Follow me and my cycling adventures on IG @bear.pope.fix and check back here for tales of the 5 Boroughs Pavement.

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Posted by George Birnbaum at 9:02 AM 2/21/2015

New Velocity Wheels Cliffhanger rim debut!

Oh my goodness! @velocityusa @velocityusa just released these Cliffhanger rims. Time for me to go give blood to feed my cycling obsession. I have been thinking about putting more meat on my @sebikes Quadangle lately. Check these out. 

By @velocityusa "Introducing the all new Cliffhanger adventure-touring rim for #Frostbike. 30mm wide, tubes or tubeless. See more at"

Surly Superfan Coupon!

Since today is about commuters and gravel grinders, check out this badass coupon I found from #surlybikes @qualitybike . Maybe this will save some of you some cash. I have never ever seen anyone complain about a Surly, not once in this old Ghosts' time on many bikes. Enjoy.

 By @surlykate @surlykate"Hey all you #surlybikes superfans out there! THAT'S RIGHT, YOU. I SEE YOU. We just launched our very first US consumer coupon. Print this bad boy out, take it to your local bike shop, 
and get 150 big ones off the purchase of any in-stock Surly complete bike. I don't know about you, but $150 buys me a few beers and tacos, and I need all the fuel I can get this winter. Questions? Shoot me an email - or just stop into your friendly local bike shop "

Bookman #lightupmyride contest!!!

Contest time! Contest time! Check out this contest from @bookman @bookman It's super easy to enter a submission and they pick someone every week. Cross your fingers everyone! 

By @bookman "Join the competition! It's easy! 1) upload a loosely bicycle/light related picture 2) tag @bookman in the picture 3) use the #lightupmyride You've got to be in it to win it!"

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Building a Fixcraft Bike Polo Mallet

What you will need:
-any Fixcraft Mallet Shaft
-either a Fixcraft Mallet Handle or cloth tape
-your choice from the Fixcraft Mallet heads
-the Fixcraft Connect Add-on kit
- a hand saw and some WD-40 
Fixcraft actually makes a bundle that you can pick up here (click here).
1.Wedge the tapered end of mallet shaft into largest mallet head socket.
2. Push the shaft all the way through till it is close to the smaller mallet head socket.
            You will want around  .75cm clearance
3. Install the Fixcraft Connect add-on kit.
4. Place the aluminum cleat from add-on kit in between shaft and mallet.
5. Screw in the steel bolt to the mallet shaft.
     Everything should wedge securely in place.
6.It's time to grab the hand saw, score the length of how long you want the mallet.
7. Cut off the excess and dull down the sharp edge from your cut.
( Don't forget to tap out the metal shavings from the shaft. )
8. Spray WD-40 into shaft grip. Also, spray directly on shaft for good measure.
9. Install plastic plug onto shaft end from the add-on kit (optional) and feed the shaft into the grip.

And, that's how you make a Fixcraft bike polo mallet!

Thanks for watching!!!

Andy Christine from Dirty Cycle Works ( crazy polo mallet guy )
Ri Crosier from Ghost in the Spoke
Filmed on a Reel Cameras HD Slayer
Fixcraft -

Ghouls 'N Ghosts
from The Ghouls 'n Ghosts EP by Mega Ran and Richie Branson
Twitter (@megaran)
Facebook (/megaranmusic)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ghost in the Spoke's favorite pick me up drink

- Cafe Altura dehydrated instant coffee 
- @C2Ococonutwater coconut water 

Mix two to three teaspoons of dehydrated coffee for every 8oz of coconut water together in your favorite cup/flask. I use my @lifefactory water flask, it's pretty awesome and holds plenty. It's as simple as that. Enjoy. 

There is nothing better than coconut water for rehydration and the dehydrated coffee has just enough kick to keep you going. If you are feeling really adventurous then you can always add whiskey. 

Photo taken on my @reelcameras x @_knog_ custom hack.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Oliberte is throwing a contest!!!!

I was checking out the instagram from the Valentine's day leather bag that I bought ( @oliberte ) . It turns out that they are throwing a contest! Maybe one of our followers will win it! Good luck everyone!

By @oliberte "Hey friends, Want to win this one of a kind Krabu rucksack? Just repost this image and tag us @oliberte in the post (posting and tagging on Facebook and twitter counts as extra entries) #madeinafrica #wearwithpride #oliberte"

Mandi has been riding her PK Ripper everywhere with me lately.

     My girlfriend Mandi has come a very long way since she first started cycling. In the beginning it was just 5-10 miles a day on her singlespeed and now she rides 40 miles+ with me on some days. Fixed gear too! In this shot we were just messing around near a train track. I snapped a shot and caught the light coming out of the space between two train cars while they were moving. Sometimes things work out better than expected

. Photo taken on my@getolympus -tg-3 

@sebikes - PK Ripper 
@_knog_ - blinder series lights
@vittoriatires - Rubino 700x25 
@velocityusa -deep v wheelset

My photo for Valentine's day

"There is no greater love" Happy Valentine's day everyone! Get out there and ride some bicycles!!

 Photo taken on my @getolympus - tg-3 

@sebikes - Quadangle frame 
@aerospoke_official - wheelset 15t 
@eighthinch @eighthinch_chicago- 43t cranks
@trampstraps - pedal straps
@vpcomponents - vice pedals 
@cinelli_official - unicanitor saddle 
@fixcraft - 2.5 riser handlebar 
@jamisbicycles - lock on grips 
@sebikes - landing gear fork
@_knog_ - blinder light set 
@BearsTraps - leather beer bomber
@banjobrothers - metro bag

Valentine's Day gifts. Oliberte leather Krabu bag and Stanley thermos!

I picked up this full leather bag from @oliberte @oliberte for my girlfriend for Valentine's day . She had been asking me for a nice bag for about a year, so I surprised her with an extra special backpack! It's a perfect day bag. She got me a @Stanley_brand thermos! I had lost one many years ago and now I have one back in my hands. Adventure couple ftw. Photo taken on my @reelcameras x @_knog_ qudos custom hack.

Bookman : Coffee holder for cycling

I need one of these. And, I need it to hold beer or a jar. Or a jar full of beer. Beautiful design. I guess a coffee cup works too, maybe a coffee cup full of beer. 

Lock Your Nuts: Nutlock, bicycle theft prevention

Yesss!! These were hiding in my files and I didn't even notice!!! I'm going to install these on my commuter asap. These are locking axle nuts from @lockyournuts @lockyournuts Essentially they are a theft preventative for your bicycles!! I'll let you all know what I think of them in a week or so! These babies are so dope!

Photo taken on my @reelcameras hd slayer