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Dungeon Fighter Online: Review and Voice Audition

     When I'm not riding around on my bicycles you can sometimes find me playing videogames. I enjoy an assortment of games but my favorite genres are FPS, MMO and hack n' slash. Dungeon Fighter Online fills the role of MMO and hack n' slash. This game is like Streets of Rage from my childhood and it is a breath of fresh air to the current market. Best part of it all is that the game is FREE and coming back to the USA in March 2015. I am one of the original players of this game in the USA and I would like to share my review of DFO as I have watched it grow from the ground up. 

     I am actually not a very big fan of "free to play" games but this one is actually pretty enjoyable without the use of the cash shop additions (I'll get more on that in abit). You could level all the way to max level without spending a dime and still enjoy this game. The social aspect of this game is pretty decent if you join a larger guild. Our guild Hawaiian Punch had 200 plus members full of "monks", it's a boxer type of character and we always were very friendly to each other. If you can find a larger guild you will have a much more enjoyable experience in this game, guild members tend to be more helpful. 

     DFO has a huge assortment of levels to play through and the learning curve can be anywhere from easy to extremely hard depending on the class/how you decide to play. Monks are not an easy class to play but very fulfilling. PVE is very fun and always best to run with a full group, there are minor connection problems but it's not that noticeable in pve. PVP was not my favorite in this game, it needs to be more balanced but hopefully the revamp of this game will take care of it. The revamp of our old guild can be found here. It will be open to all priests this round. 
We already have 240+ followers and the revamp is not even out yet!


     While I do enjoy this game and I know that most video games have certain overpowered characters this is an issue that needs to be addressed specifically in PVP. I know the revamp is supposed to take care of this issue so we shall see in March 2015. PVE does not seem as big of a deal with balance but I do believe that all classes should be able to put out close to the same amount of dps with equally skilled players. This was not the case for this game and you can see the imbalance very easily in DFO.

    Also there was a very strange gambling aspect to DFO for upgrading weapons, I do not understand the reasoning for this as it just takes luck/gold to upgrade your weapons to top tier rather than skill. The top weapons should go to the players that defeat the hardest bosses or play the best in PVP. Luck/gambling should not be a factor in games because then it makes gold in this game worth more than skill. Maybe this is a concept that I am not used to as a person that does not play "free to play" games.

Cash shop:
     This game has micro transactions to give additions on your character in DFO. You do not have to buy them with actual currency if you do not want to. They are available for purchase with in game gold through DFO's auction house system. The cash shop works perfectly well in exception of the actual prices with real currency. I would have no problem blowing $15 bucks a month on some in game items but some items take considerably more money than that to obtain. 

     If you use the cash shop I would recommend just buying the essentials for your character ( larger bank, mobile bank, dual spec etc.) rather trying to get lucky with rare clothing for your character. The rare avatars can get insanely pricey with both real and in game currency. If you have the money to blow then by all means spend away. I will probably try to buy another polar bear setup and call it a day.

     One of my favorite things about this game is that most computers can play it! There are a couple of things that make this game a much more enjoyable experience.
1. A gamepad - beat em' ups are supposed to be played with a controller! It's much more enjoyable to play with a gamepad! I use a wired Xbox 360 controller and it works great!
2. Xpadder - this program will help you route the controls abit easier on DFO and I highly recommend it.
You can find it here:
These two things should make this game much more enjoyable!

Should you get this game??? : 
     I personally love this game. The things that I have complained about in DFO are marginal in the large scheme of things. THIS GAME IS FUN AND FUN IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART . It's pretty much a Streets of Rage MMO and that was my favorite game when I was a child. Dungeon Fighter Online is just a grown up version of it and I am happy to be around to play it. I started playing this game when it was first introduced to the USA and it was much harder to play then, so hopefully this revamp with a new company will do things right. I hope everyone can enjoy it as much as I have. If they build up some character balance and lower the cash shop prices then I can see this game succeeding much more in the USA. Abit of proper advertising would severely help too! See you all in March and please roll a priest to join our guild!

These are my voice auditions as Danjin for Dungeon Fighter Online. Audition #2 is my preferred voice for Danjin, I think it adds more character. Please wish me luck and if you like this voice please let them know @ . A link on their page of my work would do me wonders.

Audition #2:

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