Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Knog [Qudos] light // Reel Cameras setup

     This is my setup for the Knog [qudos] camera light and Reel Cameras - HD Slayer build. I spent some time this weekend testing out this light with my camera, I think I'm getting a feel for it. I believe this build is the most versatile and it lets you get the most out of the interchangeable lens action camera and light together. The setup gives the light an ability to stay as close to the camera as possible without overlap and it has the option of bending the bracket extension to use the light horizontally (the bracket extension has a lock joint in the middle). This is great for fine tuning your lighting. I know I am going to really enjoy running this setup on my adventures. Expect more in the future!

 I hope you enjoy my setup video and that you stayed tuned for more of my content. Enjoy.

Items used in film:
- Filmed on a Reel Cameras - HD Slayer www.reelcameras.com
- Knog [Qudos] camera light pack  http://usd.knog.com.au/video-lights/qudos-action.html
- stock mounting hardware from Knog and Reel Cameras
- Reel Cameras HD Slayer  http://reelcameras.com/cameras/
- Reel Cameras mount extender http://reelcameras.com/product/extenders/
- Reel Cameras  "Reel Rod" http://reelcameras.com/product/reel-rod/

I wrote out the captions in case you missed something on the video.
Start off with the Knog mounting bracket.
then grab the Reel Cameras bracket extender.
Combine the two with Knog's small handle mounting hardware.
The small handle hardware helps keep the setup nice and compact.

Attach Reel Cameras - HD Slayer to mounting bracket.
Secure together with mounting hardware.
The Reel Cameras stock mounting hardware is completely compatible with the Knog brackets.
Make sure everything is nice and tight.

Attach Knog [Qudos] light to bracket extender.
Secure together with the small handle hardware.

This setup allows for a high field of view when the Knog light is used.

Attach the Knog cold shoe / tripod adapter to the mounting bracket.
Secure together with Knog's long arm hardware.

This setup can attach to most camera shoes or your standard tripod mount.

My setup is used with the Reel Cameras "Reel Rod".
You can attach the Reel Rod with the Knog tripod/cold shoe mount.

This setup allows 360 degree use of the camera. It's completely adjustable.
The Knog light combined with the Reel Cameras bracket extension fully utilizes the light.
The bracket extension can bend in the middle to adjust the Knog light in a horizontal position. 

Reel Cameras "Reel Rod" allows a steady shot when using the setup.
The Reel Rod can be adjusted to extend your filming capacity.
This function becomes of great use when you have to film in places that you cannot fully reach.

That is pretty much everything. 
Thank you for watching.

You can pick up a Knog [Qudos] camera light at www.knog.com.au
The Reel Cameras HD Slayer and accessories can be found at www.ReelCameras.com

Music Credit: ViLLAGE - "The Touch VIP"

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