Saturday, August 30, 2014

Rozik Every Wear Trouser Review


     So a month or so ago I picked up a pair of the Rozik Every Wear Trousers. These pants were designed for the everyday adventurer and they pretty much do just that with an added touch of being aesthetically pleasing.

Here is a little bit about the brand:

- Made in the USA

- Supports the Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind
I don't know if you guys know this but my own eyesight is pretty awful. One of my eyes are almost blind and it warms my heart knowing that Rozik cares enough to employ others with disabilities.

- The designers build their products with an adventurer's heart. The clothing line is built to keep you comfortable when you are on the go and nice enough to wear when trying to look presentable if necessary.

          The Rozik Every Wear Trousers are slim-fit pants made from a blend of 97% cotton 3% viscose, just enough stretch to still feel like you are wearing actual pants and enough give in them to feel comfortable in all situations. I didn't get a chance to weigh them but they are light enough for me to wear in the summers of Jacksonville, FL so they are great for temperatures above freezing and comfortable enough to have a base layer under if necessary. ( I wear long underwear in the winters here while I am on commuting. )

To tell you the truth I didn't expect to be able to write a ton about these pants but after wearing them so much I do have some great features to talk about.

Check it:

-Gusset design. This means that they are designed to keep your testicles from feeling like they are trying to be shoved back into your body when you are doing something active. I'll leave it at that, your jewels are safe. This is actually my favorite feature of these pants because here in Florida it gets so warm. Last thing that I like to deal with is fear of going sterile while simply commuting to where I need to go on bike.

-High waist. When I am riding I don't have to worry about the crack of my ass hanging out. I'm sure no one likes to look at that while I am riding.

- SafeSwitch™: Innovative reflective back flap.
This flap is located on the back left pocket, it's super reflective and will get all the ladies' attention. All jokes aside this is a very wonderful feature because the flap is positioned on your left butt cheek, the butt cheek that is mostly seen by motorists. This back flap has the potential of saving your ass from getting hit by a car. LITERALLY!!!

- Integrated strap system to roll up your pants and keep them safely tucked while riding. From day one I have rolled these pants up and worn them as knickers. They happen to be extremely comfortable like that. I think I like snug feeling above my calves, it seems to position my pants nicely while riding. The pants never seem to feel like they are falling down and I never have to pull these pants up. Comfort goes a long way for me.

     I commute daily on bicycle and once a week I treat myself on my motorcycle, these pants have held up to the abuse that I put my clothes through. I am constantly riding in all weather conditions and these pants have made it without any tears or patches this summer. That is saying alot considering most of my clothes rip often. If you are also a commuter that is looking for a pair of pants to ride the streets in while being interchangeable for time out of the saddle then these are a definite recommendation. I enjoy strolling into work and not having to bother with changing clothes, unfortunately cycling compression shorts and clipless pedals do not fit this formula.This is the reason that I run straps and  pants on the daily, it's just more convenient. The Rozik clothing line would be great for other active lifestyles too, casual wear seems like a better option for daily use.

That about wraps it up, if you get a chance check these trousers out. You might end up liking them too!!!

 Thank you for reading and ride safe!

     You can pick up these trousers at
They are available for $50.00 right now. (50% off). This is actually a really good price for American made clothes. You are paying for the quality of the materials and reassurance that these products are not made from slave mills with children in them.  Come and get them while the sale lasts!

All photos taken on my Reel Cameras- HD Slayer ( )

Products seen in photos:
Rozik Every Wear - Clothing

Se Bikes - Quadangle frame
Aerospoke - wheelset 15t
Eighthinch, Eighthinch Chicago- 43t crankset
Trampstraps - pedal straps
VP Components - vice pedals
Cinelli - unicanitor saddle
Fixcraft - 2.5 riser handlebar
Jamisbicycles - lock on grips
Se Bikes - landing gear fork
Knog - blinder light set
BearsTraps - leather beer bomber

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Knog [Qudos] light // Reel Cameras setup

     This is my setup for the Knog [qudos] camera light and Reel Cameras - HD Slayer build. I spent some time this weekend testing out this light with my camera, I think I'm getting a feel for it. I believe this build is the most versatile and it lets you get the most out of the interchangeable lens action camera and light together. The setup gives the light an ability to stay as close to the camera as possible without overlap and it has the option of bending the bracket extension to use the light horizontally (the bracket extension has a lock joint in the middle). This is great for fine tuning your lighting. I know I am going to really enjoy running this setup on my adventures. Expect more in the future!

 I hope you enjoy my setup video and that you stayed tuned for more of my content. Enjoy.

Items used in film:
- Filmed on a Reel Cameras - HD Slayer
- Knog [Qudos] camera light pack
- stock mounting hardware from Knog and Reel Cameras
- Reel Cameras HD Slayer
- Reel Cameras mount extender
- Reel Cameras  "Reel Rod"

I wrote out the captions in case you missed something on the video.
Start off with the Knog mounting bracket.
then grab the Reel Cameras bracket extender.
Combine the two with Knog's small handle mounting hardware.
The small handle hardware helps keep the setup nice and compact.

Attach Reel Cameras - HD Slayer to mounting bracket.
Secure together with mounting hardware.
The Reel Cameras stock mounting hardware is completely compatible with the Knog brackets.
Make sure everything is nice and tight.

Attach Knog [Qudos] light to bracket extender.
Secure together with the small handle hardware.

This setup allows for a high field of view when the Knog light is used.

Attach the Knog cold shoe / tripod adapter to the mounting bracket.
Secure together with Knog's long arm hardware.

This setup can attach to most camera shoes or your standard tripod mount.

My setup is used with the Reel Cameras "Reel Rod".
You can attach the Reel Rod with the Knog tripod/cold shoe mount.

This setup allows 360 degree use of the camera. It's completely adjustable.
The Knog light combined with the Reel Cameras bracket extension fully utilizes the light.
The bracket extension can bend in the middle to adjust the Knog light in a horizontal position. 

Reel Cameras "Reel Rod" allows a steady shot when using the setup.
The Reel Rod can be adjusted to extend your filming capacity.
This function becomes of great use when you have to film in places that you cannot fully reach.

That is pretty much everything. 
Thank you for watching.

You can pick up a Knog [Qudos] camera light at
The Reel Cameras HD Slayer and accessories can be found at

Music Credit: ViLLAGE - "The Touch VIP"

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Knog: Qudos action camera light preview

Check out my preview of the Knog: [Qudos] action camera light. This thing is pretty awesome, it's currently the brightest light that I own. They are available now from

I went ahead and wrote out the captions just in case you missed something.
Thank you for checking out my post!

Camera used to film video: Reel Cameras - HD Slayer


The [Qudos] camera light is compatible with most action cameras.

It's also compatible with all DSLR cameras by the included cold shoeadapter.
The light can also be used as stand alone lighting if necessary.

Knog Qudos can be adjusted to a maximum of 400 lumens.
The light source comes from 3 high powered Cree LEDs.

All functions of the light can be accessed through one simple button on the top of the unit.

Completely waterproof up to 40M.

The USB rechargeable battery can last up to 4 hours.
Battery is interchangeable for when you are on the full night trips.
The batteries can be charged completely stand alone by the micro usb port.
Interchangeable batteries greatly reduces down time of the light.

Four status display lights at the back of the unit conveniently show the settings while you are filming.

Sleek clamp design was made to secure the battery tight and prevention of unintentional openings
of the battery compartment.

The lights can be used in all weather conditions. Great for all action sports.

The Knog Qudos light comes with mounting hardware to be used with your current camera setup.

-Action Camera Mount Bracket and Hardware
-Cold Shoe/Tripod Adaptor (for use with DSLR cameras)
-USB Recharge Cable.

MATERIALS : Die Cast + CNC Machined Aluminium heat sink and optical grade lens.

DIMENSIONS : 31 x 70 x 40mm.

For full specs on the Knog Qudos light check here:

Music Credit: K-Murdock & Mega Ran - Thank You for Listening

Sunday, August 3, 2014


PREORDER: These shirts will ship out after 08/14/14 They are limited so preorder the shirts to make sure that you can get your hands on one. Thank you for supporting my efforts to build a bike hostel.
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First rule of Bike Club is that you do not talk about Bike Club.
Second rule of Bike Club is that you DO NOT talk about Bike Club.
Our shirts will be printed on white t-shirts and the print will be in black. 12x12in. All proceeds from our clothing will go to funding a bike hostel project in 2015. A real life bike club.
This is my collaborative shirt with our cycling group "Dirty Cycle Works" and Leslie Boroczk. Thank you for supporting us!