Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Marvel Compound Tires - AIRLESS TIRES!!

     Well these airless tires from Marvel Compound Tires came in today. No more flats ever! I'm super excited to start using these because our streets here are terrible. I picked up the MCT Daytona Tire Trial tires. They have a psi rating equivalent of 110+ and are super durable. The tires are actually lighter than I expected. I use my bicycles to travel everywhere I go and I decided to go the airless route just to make sure everything runs as smooth as possible on my adventures. I'll post up a proper review after I spend some time on them. The tires' lifespan is expected to last 2-4 times the amount of an average tire so in the long run they save you money.
The tire set retails for $60.00. 
A picture of the Marvel Compound tire mounted to my Aerospokes.

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