Friday, May 23, 2014

Bearbottom Clothing // A business done right.

Even though this is not directly related to cycling I figured since most of us cyclists wear shorts anyways then this would be a perfect place to spread the word.

Here we have Bearbottom Clothing, a company that has a business model very similar to "Tom's" shoes. You buy a pair of shorts from Bearbottom Clothing and they give a pair away a child in need. That is about as good as in gets in terms of what you can ask for in a purchase. But there is more!

The price of the shorts are half of the price of the competition and seem to be of very decent quality.

The sizes are from 26 to 38 inch waistline. Shorts compatible for a variety of sized people.

Thank goodness someone had enough sense to make fairly priced shorts for the average working man and even managed to give back to the world. I think that is extremely awesome and I figured that all of you would be interested too. Good luck to you, Bearbottom!!! I hope that you set a trend for more companies to follow as a business mentality, I think it is pretty awesome what you are doing. 

You can pick up a pair at

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