Saturday, May 31, 2014


Here is a sneak peak of something new in the works. Get excited it will be released on my 26th birthday, June 13th! FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!!

And! It's in watermelon colors!!! My favorite!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Knog // Bicycles for Humanity

Knog: "Bicycle for Humanity need your help to ship 800 bikes to Namibia, Africa. They have the bikes all packed and ready to go, however now they need YOUR HELP to raise the money to ship these bikes. If you donate $125 to the campaign then not only will you be helping out an amazing cause, but you will also be rewarded for your generosity with a super slick knog Hot Dog bag (valued at $125) and a Bicycle for Humanities water bottle as a thank you. How awesome is that!

For more info check out the Bicycle for Humanity website (, or enter your donations ($20-$3000) here --> "

This is why I love this brand so much.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Bearbottom Clothing // A business done right.

Even though this is not directly related to cycling I figured since most of us cyclists wear shorts anyways then this would be a perfect place to spread the word.

Here we have Bearbottom Clothing, a company that has a business model very similar to "Tom's" shoes. You buy a pair of shorts from Bearbottom Clothing and they give a pair away a child in need. That is about as good as in gets in terms of what you can ask for in a purchase. But there is more!

The price of the shorts are half of the price of the competition and seem to be of very decent quality.

The sizes are from 26 to 38 inch waistline. Shorts compatible for a variety of sized people.

Thank goodness someone had enough sense to make fairly priced shorts for the average working man and even managed to give back to the world. I think that is extremely awesome and I figured that all of you would be interested too. Good luck to you, Bearbottom!!! I hope that you set a trend for more companies to follow as a business mentality, I think it is pretty awesome what you are doing. 

You can pick up a pair at

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

[BUNDLE] DZR Marco Black Shoe | Fixcraft Bike Polo Equipment | Online Store & Merchandise

[BUNDLE] DZR Marco Black Shoe | Fixcraft Bike Polo Equipment | Online Store & Merchandise

Fixcraft is proud be supporting player designed products that are not only ground breaking, but simply awesome. To celebrate our committment to tournament essentials like this, we are now including an exclusive 78 gram tournament head with every DZR Marco purchase. This is a $26 value! This exclusive head design (not avaialable by iteself) has a 2.375" outer diameter, reinforced lip and mounting area, and come in random colors. Fixcraft is the ONLY place to get the DZR Marco.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bult X3 Camera Helmet preview // Motorycle Diary EP.2

     I had a lot of fun with this one. These helmet cams capture pretty good footage, if you take a moment to search online shops then you can find the helmets for a nice price too. The Bult helmets can be used for a large array of sports and seem pretty comfortable! Thank you for watching my videos!

You can pick up the helmets at

music credit: Lazerhawk - Massacre
motorcycle: My 1980 Honda CM400

Monday, May 19, 2014

Tour De Cure Jacksonville - 05/17/2014 // Sony DSC H300 upload

Tour De Cure Jacksonville - 05/17/2014
Camera: Sony DSC H300

A century and some photography OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Click here to see all of the photos!

 You may use my work for any purpose that you please. All I ask is that proper photo credit is used.

Please tag with all use of my photography.
If you want to show support then you can always like my company facebook page
 ( ) or pick up some of my merchandise at .

Tour De Cure Jacksonville,
     Thank you for inviting me to come along for such a great cause. I got lost with the facebook address (it showed a different location then the event being held) but I will be more prepared next round. I will pack lighter so I can get more coverage next year. I didn't realize that lugging a 30 pound camera pack would take such a toll on my body during the century but I finished my 100 miles. 70 miles on the century and 30 miles on my trek back home to Fleming Island.

I'll see you all soon and if you would like for me to photograph any event please email me at


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Marvel Compound Tires - AIRLESS TIRES!!

     Well these airless tires from Marvel Compound Tires came in today. No more flats ever! I'm super excited to start using these because our streets here are terrible. I picked up the MCT Daytona Tire Trial tires. They have a psi rating equivalent of 110+ and are super durable. The tires are actually lighter than I expected. I use my bicycles to travel everywhere I go and I decided to go the airless route just to make sure everything runs as smooth as possible on my adventures. I'll post up a proper review after I spend some time on them. The tires' lifespan is expected to last 2-4 times the amount of an average tire so in the long run they save you money.
The tire set retails for $60.00. 
A picture of the Marvel Compound tire mounted to my Aerospokes. - Leather Growler now available!

   This thing is beautiful. It's an expanded version of my current leather bottle holder. All of Bradley's work is amazing. I keep mine on my bike constantly. I love the D.I.Y. mentality that Bradley has, keep up the good work man!


     22 Ounces not enough to fill your tank? Strap on a leather Growler Holder and pedal on down to your favorite filling spot! I can make these to work with your Brooks saddle, or any setup you like. Under the saddle seems the best fit, but i have made some top tube and handlebar setups as well. Email me at and we'll work yours out too!

Bult - VHX3 helmet , my new instrument for filming.

I picked up one of these @bulthelmets so I can start recording on the go. Seamless integration of the camera inside the helmet is awesome. You can pick these helmets up for as low as $110 from many different online stores. This model is the "X3" and I had to pick the awesome ghost white color.
- This thing records at 1280 x 720 30Fps
-Plug and play 
-120 degree wide angle lens 
I can't wait to catch some good footage on it and start protecting my brain at the same time. 

Check them out at for more information.

Friday, May 9, 2014

New Fixcraft bike polo mallet heads are coming out.

Always innovating.
Custom Pantone 4m molecular weight tournament heads
. 78 gram, tough, and sexy to boot.


Respect Cycles' Handlebasket came in!

A custom hammered gunmetal @respectcycles' handlebar basket for our filming bike. This came out super dope. I'll post a review of it soon.

More info here:

First LOOK: SE Bikes 2015 urban bike models.

Hypnotic :)
2015 SEBikes has some new models in the mix??? Maybe, just a mystery for now.
Apparently we will be seeing more information this summer.

 Quote: Todd Lyons "Cool view of some of the 2015 @sebikes #urbanbike #singlespeed line-up! Sneak peak steeze"

My Vp Components "Vice" pedals came in!


These beautiful VP Components "Vice" pedals came in for my new bike project.
All around awesome pedals for most cycling applications.
- These pedals are durable, light and low profile.
- 12 removable friction pins on each side
- compatible
-Cromoly axle // cnc aluminium body
-Smooth as silk

Most importantly - Dependable.

 I always pick equipment that I don't have to worry about. I might just be lazy but low maintenance is always better than anything else in my opinion.

Check them out here for full info:

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


My friends at Knog make such amazing products.

Awesome!! The Blinder 1 ranked 'Best value compact rear' in @RideOnMagazine annual Light test. Great results for the Blinder 4, Arc and Road too. Check the full run down here -->
RideOn 2014 Light test results

KNOG – bicycle lights, bicycle locks and bicycle accessories