Saturday, April 12, 2014

Knog Bouncer U-Lock review

This little lock of mine is called the "Knog Bouncer U-Lock". She is the second to highest quality lock that you can pick up from Knog in terms of security and price. If we are going by pure price of the lock then I would rate this as Knog's "cheap best" model. It is only second to the Strongman U-lock in terms of dimensional size and silicone scratch protection coverage, all other statistics are of equal quality. What that means is that you are getting a $100 lock for the price of $50 at the cost of a smaller size and less scratch resistance to your gear. This lock is built for the average working man and is tough as nails as the name implies. This lock keeps your prized horse safe while she is away from the stable and at the same time is quite affordable.

      With so many options in bicycle locks and how confusing it can be to pick up a proper one to secure your bike I have found myself always pushing towards U-locks. They are the hardest to pick and cut through so I have always chosen to put my faith in these types. They are heavier than your average braided wire lock but I would gladly sacrifice carrying abit of extra weight around on my setups to know that my whip will be safe and secure when I come back to her.

The key points on this lock are the:
•Scratch Protection: It has a silicone and plastic shell that houses the metal lock.

•Secure Mechanical Assembly: Lock is designed to be without leverage points and is built of steel that does not have any play between lock and shackle.

•Double Dead-lock: A thief would have to cut the entire lock in half to get your bike.

•Lock Barrel Security: It has a high security disk style lock barrel, designed for a minimum of 2500 key combinations.

•U-shackle security: Heat-treated specifically to create balance between hardness (cutting resistance) and toughness (for tensile and impact resistance)

     While all locks can be broken to some extent, bike thieves will have to go the extra mile to get to your ride with the Knog Bouncer. To get into this lock the thief would have to cut this ENTIRE lock in half to get to your bike. The thief would be spending a considerably more amount of time cutting through this lock then your average chain or wire lock. It is always best to lock your bike up in a well seen and public place to deter an attempt. The last thing that a thief wants to do is been seen cutting away at a lock in public and stirring up some attention.

     In my time with the lock it has been useful, the only negatives that I can think of are that the Bouncer is not fully encased in silicone so you have to be careful if you place it next to items and that it is quite hard to thread your lock through your front wheel alongside your back wheel and frame. If that is your method of locking the bike then the Strongman is your best bet, I generally just lock my front wheel and frame together so it's no big deal. For the price of the Bouncer you can just get two of them and lock everything together. The silicone also works to grip the lock to pockets on backpacks but really it stays put so I can't complain.

You can pick one up from . Have a good day! Bye bye!

Filmed with my Xcel camera
Bag in video: Banjo Brothers Metro Bag
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