Thursday, April 17, 2014

Knog "Big Dog" bag review

     This is my Knog "Big Dog" bag, I'm going to start this off with what I love about this bag, IT'S SOOOOO GIANT!!!!!!!!!!!  It has a capacity of well over 1850 cubic inches and that is big enough to hold anything that I can dish out on it. I carry all of my merchandise inside of it for impromptu events and on our social rides it fits my tools and anything we need for emergencies. Also this thing can fit a whole lot of beer, it fits a whole lot of everything. If I know that day I will have to depend on myself for storage space on a ride then this is the bag I always run to.

     This bag has a 1200D rated fabric blend outer shell and a sewn in water resistant lining that is padded to keep all of your goodies safe and dry. The bag also has webbing between the quick draw flap and body of the bag to further secure all of your goodies. The outer shell has 5 pockets, 2 open pockets under the flap for items you need on the go and on the other side are 3 silicone reinforced zippered pockets that repel water and keep your important items safely tucked away. I can fit my entire arm in each of these pockets, they are actually quite useful . I use the zippered pockets for my wallet, keys and cellphone. So far they have held up to all of the rain we get here in Florida.

     The inner body of the bag has 11 pockets
- A laptop pocket that is bombproof in all areas of security. (Scratch/water/shock resistance).
- 2 open and 2 zippered webbed pockets that can fit my entire hand
- 4 palm sized water proof liner pockets
- 1 large webbed zippered pocket that could fit another laptop if necessary

And this is where it really shines!!!
- 1 large weatherproof womb that can fit this bags entirety into it if weather happens to be exceptionally bad. This pocket is sandwiched into the core of the bag and was built to keep your items secure in toughest of conditions. I use this pocket to store my merch on rides and keep it safe till it reaches a purchasers hands on our rides.

     The description on site actually says it has much less but in total on the entire bag I have counted 16 pockets. 18 pockets if you count the webbing in the outer pockets and 19 pockets if you count the bag itself.  That's enough storage space to feed even the worst cases of OCD. This bag has a pocket for everything.

     The negatives that I have about this bag are minimal to all that the bag has to offer but there are a few points to look at. When I first got this bag I had to modify the strap system. The quick release clamp is wonderful but I had to double over the main strap because it is very long. You could change this by just cutting it and sewing the strap to a smaller size but I'm lazy so I just doubled it over. I'm also 5'5 so it could be that I'm just short.The other negative is that while it is waterproof on the inner liner that covers the entirety of the bag the tough 1200D fabric blend can get slightly damp. This is absolutely not a problem, the bag fully functions with water resistance but I went the extra mile and wax coated the outer shell with a ratio of 2 parts beeswax and 3 parts candlewax blend. The wax blend seeps into the 1200D fabric blend better and seals it into the bag for all weather applications.

  Also, it is good to note that the bag sits much better if you take the stabilizer strap and mount one side to the middle of the main strap rather than the other side of the bag. This position is called a "Y-strap" or "third leg".

This bag is a steal at $125 it will be hard pressed to find anything of it's caliber in the same price range. You can pick one up at . Thank you for watching.

This was filmed on my Xcel camera
Music Credit: RIP Rei Harakami - 2 creams

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