Monday, March 10, 2014

2 hours on a bicycle in 2 minutes // Xcel cam time lapse

     So I was testing out the camera mount that I made for my bicycle and this is it's first run with me. This is my usual bike route when I have time to open up and enjoy cycling. I time lapsed the entire route and pressed it all into a two minute video. Now my Xcel camera ( ) goes with me everywhere, it's like a puppy that takes pictures for me when I walk it. A small step in increasing footage on my cycling adventures but I hope you like it.

This was all filmed on my Xcel camera -.

Bicycle specs:

Knog lights: Blinder Road R -

SE Premium Ale:

VP Component pedals - VP-001 -

Tramp Strap pedal straps - use promo code " DIRTYDOGS " to get pedals shipped for $16 total

Banjo Brothers Metro Bag -

Eighth Inch Track Drop Handlebar -

Bear Straps - Beer Bomber -

Music Credit - You Love Her Coz She's Dead - 'Be Brave'

If you would like to help fund my cycling projects you can always pick up something from the online shop.

                                                                                Thank you all for watching -Ghost

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