Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's review time! Knog Blinder Road R rear light.

     Hey it's me Ghost in the Spoke and today I will be reviewing the Knog Blinder R rear light. I have been using these lights for the past 3 months and they definitely keep cars away from the back of your bike. I live on the outskirts of town and being seen is extremely important. These lights put out a peak of 70 lumens which is over 3 times as powerful as the Blinder 1 that is also displayed. It's so bright that my camera only registers the lights as a giant blur. These are Knog's cream of the crop rear lights and well worth the price of them at just under 60 dollars from Knog's website.

     When it comes to lights, your rear light is your lifesaver. If you were tight on money then I would investing in a stronger back light than front one. I guess it really depends on where you live but in my case the main people that I want to seeing me on my way home are the people approaching me from behind on the open roads. It is best to save for a pair of decent lights because your life is worth well more than the price of lights. These lights have a push delay of around 2 seconds, this means that you have to hold the on/off button for 2 seconds before it turns on or off. It's a very good feature that will keep you from turning the light on when hitting the unit. It has five different light settings and depending on the setting you can make your light last up to 20 hours from a full usb charge.

     This light is water and beer proof, so just incase it rains either of those liquids your light investment will be safe.  It also can take a pretty damn good beating. I leave it on when my bike is on the back of the car mount and it stays put. I even use the light for my motorcycle on foggy days when I am not riding my bicycle into work. So far I have been without problems, the lights keep cars on the left side of their lane and I can be seen from a large distance.

     There are a couple of small things that I don't like about the light but other than that it is a very solid unit. I personally like the clasp from the Blinder 1 better, it just feels more secure. Other than the clasp I wish that the on/off button was placed on the front display of the unit.  It can be hard to turn on when I am mounted on my bike. Also, the usb male end can be difficult to set in for charging on some laptops.A usb cord is given with the unit to fix this problem. These little things shouldn't stop you from picking up these lights though, they are well worth the price and my comments are more of a preference. 

You can pick these lights up at .I have to go get ready for my Wednesday night bike ride so have a good night and I will see you later!

This was filmed on my Xcel camera.

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

I took some pictures for Jacksonville's First Annual Sprints

All photos were taken with my Xcel camera. ( ) Enjoy, and if you are looking to see all of the photos please check out the "Dead Lens" section of my site.  CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS!

Monday, March 10, 2014

2 hours on a bicycle in 2 minutes // Xcel cam time lapse

     So I was testing out the camera mount that I made for my bicycle and this is it's first run with me. This is my usual bike route when I have time to open up and enjoy cycling. I time lapsed the entire route and pressed it all into a two minute video. Now my Xcel camera ( ) goes with me everywhere, it's like a puppy that takes pictures for me when I walk it. A small step in increasing footage on my cycling adventures but I hope you like it.

This was all filmed on my Xcel camera -.

Bicycle specs:

Knog lights: Blinder Road R -

SE Premium Ale:

VP Component pedals - VP-001 -

Tramp Strap pedal straps - use promo code " DIRTYDOGS " to get pedals shipped for $16 total

Banjo Brothers Metro Bag -

Eighth Inch Track Drop Handlebar -

Bear Straps - Beer Bomber -

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                                                                                Thank you all for watching -Ghost