Monday, February 3, 2014

I picked up a motorcycle.

     I have been away for a lil bit. I actually got very sick so I haven't been posting lately. So here is a little update. I was given an offer I couldn't refuse. A one armed man was moving out of his house and he had no room to store his motorcycle in his new place. He offered to sell me his motorcycle for $300.00, I picked it up on the spot and I have been riding it ever since. The motorcycle is a 1980 Honda CM400a, it's a very strange little bike. It's a 2 speed, not the fastest bike in the world but it is fast enough to kill me and is reliable transportation.
     It only has 20,000 miles on it and in very good condition. I had to do alil bit of work on the carbs and pop a new fuse and headlight into it but after that she was ready to roll. Some jerk stole my side panel on my left side but I bought a replacement for $50 bucks. Nothing too big to fix it up. I named her the "Tiny Bronco" after one of my favorite vehicles in Final Fantasy 7. They have the same color scheme and the motorcycle instantly reminded me of the plane from one of my favorite video games. I will be starting a motorcycle diary on my site in addition to all of my bicycle stuff and I hope people come to watch me grow.

     This is actually my first motorcycle and from what I hear about this particular model is that it is bomb proof. Pretty much the best $300 dollars ever spent. I have been riding her around everywhere so expect lots of bicycle and motorcycle footage soon!

     That's about it for now. I'm going to go ride some bicycles today in St.Augustine. It's a beautiful day here in Florida and I don't want to pass it up. Thank you for watching. I'll see you later!!!

Filmed with my Xcel camera

Music Credit:
 Nobou Uematsu - Final Fantasy Prelude
 Nobou Uematsu - Final Fantasy 7 Highwind theme

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