Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tapewood "Slimline" Grip review


  I've got these wooden grips from Tapewood to review for you today.These lil' puppies are some of the most beautiful grips that I have had the chance to play around on. I would personally recommend them for your show bike or one of your bicycles that you would not want to beat up. These grips are just too pretty to mess up and it was a damn shame that I have put them through all hell fire to test them out over the past few months. They are great to add a touch of class to your setups though.

     These grips are made of walnut wood and lock onto 7/8 inch handlebars with a locking screw. They are very easy to lock on and hold in place from the locking screw. They are a conversation starter and people always ask me where I got my grips especially on some of our mass rides.

     The grips will have an extended amount of life if you take care not to drop your bike around too much. Unfortunately that is not the case with my setups they are always put to good use and I ended up breaking the locking bolts for my grips. I ended up liking these grips so much that I went ahead and added silicone caulk into my grips and now these grips will be there until they are fully destroyed. So far no splinters or cracks in them. At some point in time when I want them off I will just soak my bars in acetone and lay them to rest.

     I have a link to the Tapewood site in the description so if you want to check them out you can have a pair sent out to you for $40.00

This video was filmed with my Xcel action camera ( )

Music Credit: Nujabes - Kudoma (interlude)

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