Sunday, December 29, 2013

I did an intro for my youtube channel

     See that skeleton riding the Respect Cycles' mini velo? That me!! Ri Crosier, I run . My website is a diary to document the progression of a cycling group that I ride with called Dirty Cycle Works and to promote all forms of cycling. Anything with two wheels is what I love to surround myself around. Dirty Cycle Works does everything from bike polo, clothing design, social rides, competitions and giving a helping hand. We do way  too much to name in one shot but everything revolves around bicycles.

     There is a ton to document and that's why I built , I want to record these memories for everyone and at the same time chase my own dreams. I want to make films about bicycles and take beautiful photos for you all to enjoy. You can see my photos in my "Dead Lens" section of my site. That skeleton masked man on the bike is also a character for Lil' Slugger, a short film that I plan to make that pays abit of homage to the anime "Paranoia Agent". It's going to be a horror film with bike polo, a masked murder and cute girls on bicycles.

     Pretty much if it has two wheels I want it to be something in my life. Maybe one day I will even get a chance to expand it into motorcycles. I hope that you take a moment to subscribe and keep track on all of the good things to come. Thank you for watching

Filmed on my Xcel camera

Bicycle break down :

Respect Cycles mini-velo -
Tapewood Grips -
Knog lights - Knog Blinder 1
VP Components VP-531:
Tramp Straps: 16 dollar pedal straps with our promocode "DIRTYDOGS" -

Videographer: Ghost in the Spoke's Mandi Ratcliff
Editor: Ri Crosier

Music Credit: Nujabes - Aruarian Dance

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