Sunday, December 29, 2013

I did an intro for my youtube channel

     See that skeleton riding the Respect Cycles' mini velo? That me!! Ri Crosier, I run . My website is a diary to document the progression of a cycling group that I ride with called Dirty Cycle Works and to promote all forms of cycling. Anything with two wheels is what I love to surround myself around. Dirty Cycle Works does everything from bike polo, clothing design, social rides, competitions and giving a helping hand. We do way  too much to name in one shot but everything revolves around bicycles.

     There is a ton to document and that's why I built , I want to record these memories for everyone and at the same time chase my own dreams. I want to make films about bicycles and take beautiful photos for you all to enjoy. You can see my photos in my "Dead Lens" section of my site. That skeleton masked man on the bike is also a character for Lil' Slugger, a short film that I plan to make that pays abit of homage to the anime "Paranoia Agent". It's going to be a horror film with bike polo, a masked murder and cute girls on bicycles.

     Pretty much if it has two wheels I want it to be something in my life. Maybe one day I will even get a chance to expand it into motorcycles. I hope that you take a moment to subscribe and keep track on all of the good things to come. Thank you for watching

Filmed on my Xcel camera

Bicycle break down :

Respect Cycles mini-velo -
Tapewood Grips -
Knog lights - Knog Blinder 1
VP Components VP-531:
Tramp Straps: 16 dollar pedal straps with our promocode "DIRTYDOGS" -

Videographer: Ghost in the Spoke's Mandi Ratcliff
Editor: Ri Crosier

Music Credit: Nujabes - Aruarian Dance

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The new Ghost in the Spoke T-shirts are ready to be preordered!!!

Dirty Cycle Works - Ghost in the Spoke "witch board" shirts are available now for preorder.

    With every bit of sacrificial blood shed spilled upon our Ghost in the Spoke "Witch Board" shirt, whether it be from a terrible crash or bike polo, you will have your chance to speak to the cycling gods and other forms of afterlife. Blood and cycling go together like chain in cog so I'm sure you will be talking to those spirits in short time.

-----PLUS! It gives an excuse to get the ladies (or men) to place their hands upon you and talk to the afterlife around you. You can make a planchette out of an beer glass, eyeglass lens, etc. Get creative!!!!

Disclaimer!!! : Dirty Cycle Works and Ghost in the Spoke is not responsible for experiences while using your "witch board" shirt. Choose your use of the shirt wisely...... If you obtain a certain amount of fortune or fame from knowledge obtained all that we ask is that you help us eat alil better :)

All shirts are white with black silk screened lettering. These shirts are best looking when well worn through and Dirty (those stains are memories in our book!). We hope you enjoy it!! Thank you for supporting us.

The shirts will be ready to ship on around 1/2/14 and make it to your house roughly a week after that. Thank you!

You can pick them up from our online store!!!!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Vp Components: VP-001 pedal review

-----That's my cat Stephen Hawking, she is moderately crippled and like to chill with me when I do all of my bike stuff! She's my baby and I'm sure she wanted to say hello before I pop off a bike review.

-----Today I am going to review these VP-001 pedals from VP Components. Of all of the pedals that I own these are my favorite!!! Something about these anodized gold pedals that catches my eye, they perform really well too, like a hooker on Valentine's day. I have been really satisfied with these pedals, I have been running them for 4 months and haven't had any problems.

-----These pedals have an aluminum body and a chromoly axle, the blend of the two provides lightness in the pedal while still being strong at the high pressure points of the pedal.. They even have a titanium axle upgrade kit that you can buy for the pedals if you are really concerned of weight. These pedals are low profile all around and still are compatible to all foot straps. You will not have a problem dropping thicker freestyle straps in your bike setups. I'm currently running Tramp Straps in my pedals and with the adjustable friction pins I stay nice and snug on my cycling adventures.

-----These pedals are perfect for most setups. I prefer pedals and straps for my daily grind and the convenience of wearing whatever shoes I want throughout the day. The pedals provide plenty of grip through your pedal stroke and I suggest dropping these on your daily driver. These are an all around good pedal and very reliable. Extremely low profile, you will be pedaling deep in those turns! Go and check them out at

----- Oh and by the way, the triangle in the pedals are ridged and work great for opening bottles!

Specs from :

  • 345 grams per pair
  • 112 x 97 x 16mm platform
  • Extruded and CNC aluminum body
  • Forged Cromoly Axle
  • LSL and Sealed Cartridge Bearings
  • Replaceable Pins
  • 9 anodized colors: Black, Silver, Gold, Red, Green, Blue, Magenta, Pink, Turquoise
  • Foot strap compatible
  • Bearing Rebuild Kit Available

  • Opening music credit: You Love Her Coz Shes Dead - Sunday Best (Routines Remix)
    This review was filmed with my Xcel action camera ( )


    Friday, December 20, 2013

    Duval Polo Pizza Party // XCEL camera upload

         Bike polo and pizza not much more in this world that you can ask for.
    Hopefully we can go and make this a seasonal thing. 
    I'm starting to get used to my Xcel camera too! I love my camera.

    All photos taken by my Xcel camera ( )

    Wednesday, December 18, 2013

    Holidays in Florida - XCEL camera photos

         Click on the picture to view all of my photos from St.Augustine. Mandi Ratcliff and I took a lil' trip to shoot some photos with my Xcel camera ( This thing takes lovely pictures.

    Saturday, December 14, 2013

    Tapewood "Slimline" Grip review


      I've got these wooden grips from Tapewood to review for you today.These lil' puppies are some of the most beautiful grips that I have had the chance to play around on. I would personally recommend them for your show bike or one of your bicycles that you would not want to beat up. These grips are just too pretty to mess up and it was a damn shame that I have put them through all hell fire to test them out over the past few months. They are great to add a touch of class to your setups though.

         These grips are made of walnut wood and lock onto 7/8 inch handlebars with a locking screw. They are very easy to lock on and hold in place from the locking screw. They are a conversation starter and people always ask me where I got my grips especially on some of our mass rides.

         The grips will have an extended amount of life if you take care not to drop your bike around too much. Unfortunately that is not the case with my setups they are always put to good use and I ended up breaking the locking bolts for my grips. I ended up liking these grips so much that I went ahead and added silicone caulk into my grips and now these grips will be there until they are fully destroyed. So far no splinters or cracks in them. At some point in time when I want them off I will just soak my bars in acetone and lay them to rest.

         I have a link to the Tapewood site in the description so if you want to check them out you can have a pair sent out to you for $40.00

    This video was filmed with my Xcel action camera ( )

    Music Credit: Nujabes - Kudoma (interlude)