Monday, September 30, 2013

New Ghost in the Spoke Logo by Leslie Boroczk

-----I have been a fan of Leslie Boroczk's art for a long time running now and I finally got a chance to collaborate with her! She is one of a few artists in Jacksonville FL. that make amazing anime/manga art. She did a perfect job with my logo, maybe even better than how I envisioned in my own head. I might just go and get it tattooed :)

-----It's nice to be able to work with artists that I adore and this has been the best way to kick off October. It's Halloween everyday for me and I will be showing off this logo on some new shirts for my online site asap! Don't forget to follow Leslie, she is amazing!

---------You can find her art displayed at:
and you can pick up one of her prints at

This film was done in "time lapse" mode on my Xcel action camera, for such a simple camera it has so many capabilities! This was my first time experimenting with the time lapse and it does the job perfectly! I will be filming Leslie when she does more art in the future so stay tuned!
------ You can pick one of these cameras up at

music credit: Utada Hikaru - Simple And Clean/ Killing Spree Hip-Hop remix!

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