Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My first ride on my Ice Bear 150cc Ruckus clone!

------ I was out testing my new Ice Bear 150cc Ruckus clone from Solano Cycle ( http://www.solanocycle.com/ ) and also trying out the 1080p setting on my Xcel Camera ( www.xcelcam.com ). I am absolutely in love with this new scooter of mine. It goes 60+mph and gets 70 miles to the gallon , I am so attached to my death truck but it gets 10 miles to the gallon (it's now the Sunday driver). I live in Jacksonville and everything is extremely spread out so I made the choice to pick up a scooter for longer rides and ride bicycle when my destination is within 10 miles.

-----I think that my decision to pick up this scooter was not only a more economical way for me to get around but also wonderfully fun. This scooter packs a punch compared to my old 50cc, Solano Cycle hooked me up and found a scooter within my budget. If you enjoy bicycles or economical transportation in general then I would recommend getting a scooter to get you around.

----- In the coming week I will be setting up a bike rack for this puppy so check back soon. I will be doing all sorts of mods with this open frame. I want to see how creative I can get with it :)

Xcel Action Camera in 1080p: This new camera of mine is a very easy way for me to document and have content for my blog.I enjoy this camera and I hope to use it more when I get the hang of it. For this video I must say that I probably will need to find a more steady position to mount the camera. Things get shaky sometimes but I think that might just be the roads. I live on the outskirts of town and my roads are far from perfect.

-----I like that I can press a button on a remote and record without touching the camera. I wish the camera had some sort of LCD screen so I could see what I'm filming but the lense sees pretty much what the human eyes sees. I generally line up the shots by pressing in up to my cheek :) The camera does best for shooting videos for sure.

-----The housing even has a tripod adapter for taking perfect stills or recording out of a POV perspective. This is just some testing of better things to come but I hope you enjoyed. I will be filming a ton this week. I need to find a better position to mount my camera to stabilize it.

For more go to www.ghost-in-the-spoke.com

and don't forget to check out www.solanocycle.com and www.xcelcam.com , peace.

Music credit:
Toro Y Moi - Still Sound (Vindata Remix)

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