Friday, September 27, 2013

Duval Dirty Bike Olympics 2013 Mud Pit Scramble

      Here is some footage from last week's Duval Dirty Bike Olympics "Mud Pit Scramble". I hope you enjoy and maybe I'll see more of you for the next Duval Dirty Bike Olympics.

 Mud Pit Scramble

      Not dirty enough? Then get muddy! Fenders won't help you on this one as you pair up with the cleanest person you know and dive right into three different mud pits. Race as a team to each pit and scramble around to find DDBO shirts, golden cogs, and more. A bike wash will be available at the finish line for all those who wish to clean up a bit. But no shower for your dirty ass! Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded. All other prizes must be scavenged from the mud.

 -filmed with My Xcel Action Cam in it's 720p mode (There is a 1080p option but I was running out of space on my SD card.)

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