Sunday, August 25, 2013

Xcel camera test in low light conditions with Knog Blinder 1 light.

-----I just cracked open my new Xcel action camera and started with some low light testing.Action cameras generally don't come with internal lighting but I strapped my Knog Blinder 1 bicycle light onto the base and it worked nicely. . I am a huge fan of DIY lomography/toy camera kind of pictures so this camera is right up my alley. (Point and click and hope for the best, pretty much my way of life right now.)

-----My friends and I came to open mic night in Shanty Town, it's kind of a punk rock bar with a huge assortment of people. They played some music and I did some testing on the stills with the camera. I will be shooting almost exclusively with these little cameras and I'm hoping to get some delicious raw beautiful footage. This is just a preview of things to come. I love this little camera it's capabilities are far beyond anything that I have put out today. I'm still learning to use this for photos and videos. Be sure to check back soon!

These are what I found on my camera after I woke up the next day. Enjoy

You can pick the Xcel camera here
The light I used for the camera:

Music by: oOoOO - Break Yr Heart

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