Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Xcel action cam photo mode test 1 / DDBO meeting

 -----We had a meeting for www.duvaldirtybikeolympics.com our event that we are throwing on September 20-22nd. I decided to try out the new Xcel action cam and it's abilities with still photos in normal to high lighting. Most of the photos/slideshow featured in the photos are raw. I seem to be preferring the photos in that fashion of the recent. The camera was filmed in it's 720p ultra wide setting and these are what I picked up from it.

-----We spent most of the night talking about our events so I tried to take photos where I could. I am still getting used to this camera and I have to makeshift a viewfinder for it soon.. This camera is built for recording P.O.V. video and I have yet to experiment with that part of it yet, I'm sure that is where it really shines because these lenses absorb an amazing amount of light. The camera would do much better with a tripod for sure for stills. For on the go as I have done today I would recommend the burst modes after retrieving the footage. Take 10 and have one perfect shot to come back to. It will be a large process getting used to this camera but I'm sure once I have it down I will be able to capture some very unique photos.

-----The camera itself is very simple and easy to use but I'm sure will take a moment or two to master.You have to think outside the box to get a decent shot since there is not a viewfinder. The lens seems most applicable for outside settings, I will have to take more photos to confirm that. Check back soon to see what I end up setting as a rig for this camera on the go. I have a ton of ideas :)

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You can pick the Xcel camera here http://www.xcelcam.com/EN/

If there is anything you would like for me to review you can always hit me up at RiCrosier@hotmail.com

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