Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Quiet Life sent me a care package!


  I am going to start with a HUGE thank you to Andy and his crew at The Quiet Life. You guys are keeping me set with some fresh for clothes this summer. I have been wearing your clothes on the regular since I first got my package. Sorry for the late update, I had no idea that running a tiny project like "Ghost in the Spoke" would be so much work. With that being said, I have so much respect for you guys at The Quiet Life for being able to hold such a cult following for your products.

     The Quiet Life is a company from Los Angeles, California. They specialize in premium quality clothing and beautiful photography and sometimes incorporate their photography into the clothing line. I am especially in love with my "Bear with Me"- Nathan Bell camera club shirt, it is a perfect example of their photography mashups with their clothing line. All the ladies love that shirt, they cant pass up a man with a cute little bear on his chest.

     I also love the sunglasses I received in the care package, they have been keeping the Florida sun out of my eyes this summer while I'm out my bike rides. You guys are a blessing for me.Thank you again and I will be reppin' all of your clothes wherever my skin sees the sun. Everything in the care package is beautiful and it means the world to me that you guys hooked me up.

      If my viewers like anything they have seen in the care package you can pick it up at head on there and check them out. Peace.

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