Thursday, August 8, 2013

Product Review: Knog Blinder 1

  Product review time!!!!!

    I have these lights from Knog, they are a company out of Australia and they specialize in cycling lights accessories and bags. These little lights I am showing you today are amazing! They are water proof and pretty much bombproof. I can honestly say that if you are looking to pick a brand to use on a daily basis you should definitely check into this company. I have been rolling with these lights on my bike for about 3 months and I cannot find one thing I don't like about them.

     First and foremost, my favorite thing about these lights is the fact that you can easily place the lightset on any bike and get rolling within 30 secs. Whenever I am out and about I take my lights with me after I reach a destination.These lights pop off very easily and when mounted they are very snug and secure. I love that these lights fit so close to the frame and you barely notice that they are there. It's like having a near seamless baby sun attached to your handlebars and seatpost. They are super convenient and give you plenty of room on your handlebars for proper position.

     The lights are fully rechargeable. They have a usb plug mounted directly to them. You plug the lights into a usb socket and wait till the light goes from omiting red to green and then you know it's ready for use. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge each of the lights, you can slim it down to 2 hours if you use a charger that is directly mounted to a wall socket. I commute mostly in the dark on the outskirts of Jacksonville FL and I always have a fear for my lights going out in my neck of the woods. On some roads these are places where we don't have street lights and it's pitch black, I recommend carrying a portable usb battery charger for these moments. Last thing you would want to do is be stuck in the middle of nowhere without lights.

     The Knog blinders put out 20 lumens for the front light and 11 for the rear. It comes out to about 10-15 feet of visibility for the front and back. This amount of visibility is not a directed focal point but as full visibility around you.I can fully recommend these lights for when you are on the road solo but I have to recommend that you should carry a set of spare lights that can be used with batteries just in case you find troubles on the road or need more visibility for the traffic with your rear light. It's always good to have a back up plan. If you are riding with a group then these are perfect and you can run them with much less worry.

          The lights are completely waterproof for all cycling purposes. It rains like crazy here in Florida and these lights have been here through the season for me.You can abuse these lights and at the end of the day still be a faithful work horse for you. You don't have to worry about the Knog Blinders breaking down on you when you are in less than perfect weather conditions.

     You can pick up these lights for $29.95 each or $54.94 for the set at .Knog makes some pretty innovative products so go check them out.

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