Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cullen Bailey Zawada's "Make the Homeless Smile" Project

Make the Homeless Smile Project

After watching the video today, I was
inspired. I'm not thinking of taking on a major project like feeding
ALL of the homeless, but getting together to pack lunch bags with
PB&J sandwiches, fruit, bottled water and maybe a gently used
T-shirt, ball cap, etc. to give out to some of the homeless on the
First Coast might go a long way to make a homeless person smile. We
forget they are human beings, many down on their luck through no
fault of their own, and yet they are passed by daily as if they were
part of the landscape. No, we won't be “teaching them to fish”,
and become self-sufficient, but we can show them that somebody out
there cares.

The cost should be minimal.
Non-cyclists (or even cyclists), say 5 or more of us could meet at my
house to put lunches together on a Saturday or Sunday morning. If
each person brought a loaf of bread (cheap – doesn't have to be
Pepperidge Farm), a jar of peanut butter, jar of jelly, a banana
bunch and maybe a bag of apples and some bottled water, we could put
them together, bag them, and then load up our fixed gear/road
bikers/pleasure cyclists in their Burro Messenger bags and all meet
where the homeless are. Since you bike messengers/cyclists encounter
them regularly on your rides downtown/San Marco/St.
Augustine/Beaches, you could incorporate a ride with a chance to make
a homeless person smile during the trip. We non-cyclists could meet
you to help pass out the food. And, if seeing a homeless person smile
isn't enough for you, all of the Go-Pros could film the event, you
editing experts can put a good video together with music, and we can
post it to YouTube, or pass it on to all of the local media outlets.
Wear your team gear so it gets seen. Talk about a positive image for
the First Coast bike scene! And free advertising for all of the

Yes, I'm a bleeding heart
liberal....and I'm not talking about months of commitment. We could
try it one time. If you decide you enjoy making the homeless smile,
we could make it happen as often (or not) as you wish.

It's just a thought...but I really do
feel passionately about this. I'm appealing to you cyclists because
you see the plight of the homeless first hand every time you ride. I
know you like to do charity events – this one would help the local
community, and not cost a fortune to organize.

I'm willing to head it up, but will
need help from the biking community to make it happen. If you're
interested, please let me know. We could set up a meet (via Facebook
chatting if that would work better – I know everyone is busy) and

And if you need some motivation, just
watch this video:

Pay it forward.....practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty

Cullen Zawada
AKA Addison's Mom

If you would like to help, you can reach her by Facebook.

I will also be participating in this event and hopefully we can make someone's day just a little bit easier. Seeing others trying to help with nothing expected in return gives me hope in humanity.

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