Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bradley Cunningham from BEAR sTRAPS: The Bomber Beer Holder

      This is a thing of beauty and it perfectly describes Dirty Cycle Works' (the cycling group that I ride for) way of living. Grab a friend, drink a beer, and ride ANY bike. I have one of these coming in the mail and I will be dropping a full review of it asap.Earlier this week I saw that "BradleyBicyle" liked a photo on my Instagram and so took a look at his page, when this popped up on my cellphone screen I had a grin from ear to ear. It's perfect for a nice casual ride with friends and just looks plain awesome. I ended up emailing him for one of these beer bombers and we have been talking about our similar cycling views ever since. The most important part about riding bicycles is riding for fun, ya know? As I have gotten to know more about him I realized that he's what I would like to be as a person one day. 

     Bradley Cunningham runs http://www.bear-straps.com/ out of the pure love from cycling, he works a normal full time job and he is a family man when he comes home. BEAR sTRAPS is completely a hobby of his and he is involved with all aspect of the products. Quality being the main goal and enrichment to self being a close second. I have so much respect for this person, every time an email has been headed my way I find something that I like about him. HE EVEN MAKES HIS OWN BEER AND ART ON THE SIDE. Hopefully one day I will be able to feature some of his art on this site and drink some of his beer.

       Check out this piece of bicycle glory, a leather bicycle beer bomber! You can pick them up for $50 at http://www.bear-straps.com/ 

"As a fun little "something to do" I've started working with leather. After getting all the right tools and watching a few how-to videos I made myself a Halloween mask. After that the ideas started flowing through my head and the Bomber-Carrier was born! If you want one just let me know!

They are $50 (as shown) and up. They can be customized pretty much any way you like with different color dyes and buckles, etc. Very fun to make and they get a LOT of compliments and comments! Especially when the bike is locked up in front of the pub on a Saturday afternoon!"
                                                                                           -Bradley Cunningham

Instagram: Bradleybicycle

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