Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Trash Messenger Bags - Wastebasket Hip Pack Review

-----I have the Trash Messenger Bags Wastebasket to review for you guys today. I'm excited to show this one off to you guys because I love and own many hip packs and little backpacks. It gets extremely hot here in Florida during the summer and I like to travel as light as possible when the option is available. This little pouch helps me travel light. Trash Messenger Bags are courier made in Minneapolis, MN. Everything they make is made out of tough cordura and waterproof, including this little hip pack that I'm cuttently showing you. I also want to mention that anything that Trash Messenger Bags makes has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE FOR EVERY STITCH

-----The Wastebasket hip pouch is the medium sized pouch of all 3 sizes that are available. It comes with a belt and on the belt is a U-lock holder. After I commute to work I place my bike inside our store so I use my U-Lock holder to strap on my cell phone holder. With the hip pack and cell phone holder I  keep my pockets empty while cycling. The belt is made of a strong seat belt material and double stitched in most places that receive heavy wear. You can pick up one of their Smart Phone Holsters to run the same setup as me from their online shop.

-----The pouch itself is large enough to fit your necessities while cycling. It's great for the minimalist that is looking for something small that will fit just a mini bike pump, multi-tool, spare tube, snack and drink. The pouch has one pocket to keep your wallet and keys safe aswell. Trash Messenger Bags makes a Wastebasket II model that can hold abit more for the people that would like to have an even larger hip pack, I believe the normal Wastebasket is large enough for most though. I like that bags all feature a hand stitched, reflective "trash can" patch. It reminds you that a human hand made your product and it is always a great feeling knowing that someone took time to make you something.

-----The only thing that I could find negatively about the pack is that it does not have zippers or a stabilizer strap for wearing like a backpack. I'm sure they would put either of those on if you asked them to custom make your Wastebasket. 

-----I love this lil hip pouch and I recommend that you pick one up. Trash Messenger Bags makes much more than this little hip pouch, they make custom bags made to order. If you go and check out their site you will surely find something. They have a ridiculous amount of colors to customize your gear and they will even put custom art on your packs.

 Go check them out at http://trashmessengerbags.com

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