Friday, June 21, 2013

Tramp Straps "The Fix" model straps


     Tramp Straps sent me out a package today to review for you all. They are the straps that I run for my current setup with my own bike. I currently run their standard model and it has been holding up very well, I have had them for around 2-3 months now and they function the same as they did from day one. They sent me a set of "The Fix" model which is an upgraded version of the standard model and it is double reinforced with recycled bicycle tubes to give them a long life on your bike. The straps are extremely stiff and hold shape.

     These straps run at a price of $24 dollars with my cycling groups' promocode "DIRTYDOGS" (that's all caps and no spaces). Also, Tramp Straps will ship anything in the US without a shipping charge. You are getting a pair of handmade/bomb proof straps that are American made for the price of $24 dollars.

     I highly recommend these straps and I hope that you go and pick them up. This is currently the best value on the market for straps, I run them and I don't have any complaints at all. You can pick them up at and if you do pick them up I'm pretty sure you wont regret the decision. I'm sure you will like them! GET THEM HERE! CLICK ME

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