Friday, June 28, 2013

Epiphany D1 product review week 1.5

     If you look in the sidebar of my site you will see one of these little bottles as a link. A good friend of mine formulated Epiphany D1 and he brought it to me to check it out. I decided to give it a try, from DAY ONE of taking this supplement I noticed a huge difference. I had no idea that I even had a problem with concentration and focus till I started taking it. It has supported me with higher levels of brain function. I truly recommend trying this one out.

     Truth be told, the reason that I go out cycling so much is because I actually have an increased amount of anxiety. I live out on the outskirts of Jacksonville FL. Out here you can ride forever down one of our roads and kinda forget about the weight of the world (Jacksonville FL is one of the largest cities in the world by land mass) . When cycling I'm usually too busy focusing on nature, the road, and fear that one of these retired old ladies in Florida will turn my body into roadkill than to worry about general stressors. But, you can't be cycling all the time, that's when everything else comes in and takes my path and splits it into a mass maze of a cycling group, website, 2 jobs, and whatever else I picked up that week. I can only describe it as my brain as one of these contracted balls in the picture below.
EXAMPLE: My normal brain being the one on the right side of this picture, a jumbled mess with no definition.
     When I take Epiphany D1 I am more like the figure on the left. I am more defined with complete structured lines and every aspect of my mind is expanded. I can take in the world layer by layer and diagnose a situation better. Stimulation in all aspects becomes stronger. I can taste the morning dew on my way cycling to work and I can feel the blood flowing into each fingertip as I pumping through my next destination. I become very situationally aware. Faster reaction time = faster output on body. This supplement is great for every type of physical activity and greatly improves function for your mental concentration.(ex: work, school, writing a paper, and running a website HEHE)
     You can think of your brain as fuel and your body as an engine. Epiphany D1 would be the a component in your vessel that syncs the two to work synergistic and become more efficient. Your brain takes all propositions from the world and fuels the body with information and Epiphany D1 boosts that transition to a optimal level. It supports performance gains like no other. It blew my mind how well this worked for me. Extremely clean too! I have a link in the sidebar for the Epiphany D1 site. You can pick it up there, and it has a 30 day money back guarantee! Nothing to lose. Have a wonderful day!

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