Saturday, June 29, 2013

Respect Cycles mini-track/city bikes!

I just thought I would show this out to all of you.

     Respect Cycles has these available for purchase now. They have two models, a mini-track and a more urban cycling model sold as a complete on their site . Both models can be ridden comfortably for any person of any size! These things are pure fun, getting mine this week too! I have the promocode "Ghost" that will save you 10% and free shipping on your purchase! I'm sure you'll love these lil' bikes. Full review coming up soon.

Oh! and they also have these beautiful bamboo bikes!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Zee Washington's lil edit dropped today.

 Besides him shreading hard, he just so happens to be the nice guy too! Check him out!

     Born in NY. Raised in NC. Started riding bikes in 2008 as a messenger in NYC to pay for school. Got hit by a school bus in 2011. Told myself if God let me walk, let alone ride a bike again, I would go HAM. Started back as a bike mechanic. Got back on the bike September 2012. And here I am now.
                                                                                         -Seconda (Zee) Washington
Instagram: Zee-fixed

This guy got hit by a bus and is back riding a bike and doing what he loves again. That is awesome. 

Epiphany D1 product review week 1.5

     If you look in the sidebar of my site you will see one of these little bottles as a link. A good friend of mine formulated Epiphany D1 and he brought it to me to check it out. I decided to give it a try, from DAY ONE of taking this supplement I noticed a huge difference. I had no idea that I even had a problem with concentration and focus till I started taking it. It has supported me with higher levels of brain function. I truly recommend trying this one out.

     Truth be told, the reason that I go out cycling so much is because I actually have an increased amount of anxiety. I live out on the outskirts of Jacksonville FL. Out here you can ride forever down one of our roads and kinda forget about the weight of the world (Jacksonville FL is one of the largest cities in the world by land mass) . When cycling I'm usually too busy focusing on nature, the road, and fear that one of these retired old ladies in Florida will turn my body into roadkill than to worry about general stressors. But, you can't be cycling all the time, that's when everything else comes in and takes my path and splits it into a mass maze of a cycling group, website, 2 jobs, and whatever else I picked up that week. I can only describe it as my brain as one of these contracted balls in the picture below.
EXAMPLE: My normal brain being the one on the right side of this picture, a jumbled mess with no definition.
     When I take Epiphany D1 I am more like the figure on the left. I am more defined with complete structured lines and every aspect of my mind is expanded. I can take in the world layer by layer and diagnose a situation better. Stimulation in all aspects becomes stronger. I can taste the morning dew on my way cycling to work and I can feel the blood flowing into each fingertip as I pumping through my next destination. I become very situationally aware. Faster reaction time = faster output on body. This supplement is great for every type of physical activity and greatly improves function for your mental concentration.(ex: work, school, writing a paper, and running a website HEHE)
     You can think of your brain as fuel and your body as an engine. Epiphany D1 would be the a component in your vessel that syncs the two to work synergistic and become more efficient. Your brain takes all propositions from the world and fuels the body with information and Epiphany D1 boosts that transition to a optimal level. It supports performance gains like no other. It blew my mind how well this worked for me. Extremely clean too! I have a link in the sidebar for the Epiphany D1 site. You can pick it up there, and it has a 30 day money back guarantee! Nothing to lose. Have a wonderful day!

More information can be found at

Thursday, June 27, 2013 is having a contest for the summer on Instagram. Good luck! I hope you win!

The Quiet Life photo contest!

My buddy Andy Mueller is throwing an awesome contest for The Quiet Life. He is looking for some new photographers and a new photo to place on his clothing at

We are running another one of our photos contests. 
The rules are simple:

1. Just post images to our FB Wall or to our instagram site (#qlcameraclub if you post to instagram ) - we'll review all FB and Insta entries.

2. Post no more than 2 images. so make them count. if you post more than 2 you will be disqualified. sorry. need to keep this easy to edit.

3. Must be a photo YOU took - do not steal images from internet. Must be an original photo you took and own.

4. Keep high res version of your entry. If you win we'll need highest res possible. Iphone photos are ok.

5. Any format. Film, Digi, Polaroid, Black and White, Color. You can also use multiple photos to make an entry... like the photo on the right on the flyer in the post below. If you do make a design - it counts as just one entry.

6. Winner will get a box of QL goodies, some loot and their images printed on a QL T for an upcoming season.

7. Deadline: As soon as we see a winner. Soon.

8. Tell your friends about this. We want to meet some new photographers and see some great work.


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Friday, June 21, 2013

Tramp Straps "The Fix" model straps


     Tramp Straps sent me out a package today to review for you all. They are the straps that I run for my current setup with my own bike. I currently run their standard model and it has been holding up very well, I have had them for around 2-3 months now and they function the same as they did from day one. They sent me a set of "The Fix" model which is an upgraded version of the standard model and it is double reinforced with recycled bicycle tubes to give them a long life on your bike. The straps are extremely stiff and hold shape.

     These straps run at a price of $24 dollars with my cycling groups' promocode "DIRTYDOGS" (that's all caps and no spaces). Also, Tramp Straps will ship anything in the US without a shipping charge. You are getting a pair of handmade/bomb proof straps that are American made for the price of $24 dollars.

     I highly recommend these straps and I hope that you go and pick them up. This is currently the best value on the market for straps, I run them and I don't have any complaints at all. You can pick them up at and if you do pick them up I'm pretty sure you wont regret the decision. I'm sure you will like them! GET THEM HERE! CLICK ME

Pictures from our Black Creek Creep weekly night ride


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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

IGN updated their History of "Final Fantasy" today

     If you understand the parody of my website name you'll know that I'm alil bit nerdy. I picked it up from a 90's anime "Ghost in the Shell". Well this is just one facet of myself I love Final Fantasy games been playing them as an early child and this is an awesome article on the history of it. READ IT HERE!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ghost-In-The-Spoke/ Dirty Cycle Works shirts are here!

First rule of Bike Club is you do not talk about Bike Club.
Second rule of Bike Club is you DO NOT talk about Bike Club.
You can get our cycling group shirt here
     I have to thank Andy over at Dirty Cycle Works for his hard work for helping make this all happen and it's only up from here! I'm going to go enjoy my Birthday, 25 years old today. WOOT!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I changed my blog name

"Ghost in the Spoke" just flows nicely off the tongue. I also wanted a name that everyone could relate with, not just fixed gear. I would like all people that love to ride bicycles come to my site :) I think it's a change for the better and it's good that I cleared this up before it has gained too much momentum. Well, I feel better!