Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tramp Straps pedal strap review

     Tramp Straps sent me out these pedal straps to review and use for my enjoyment. These straps are such a awesome value! They normally run $20 dollars but with the promo code "DIRTYDOGS" (all caps no spaces) you can pick up these straps for a limited of time for $16 dollars including shipping. You can't beat that price anywhere. Every one of these straps are handmade here in the USA. On some of the models they even use recycled bicycle tubes to reinforce the straps.

     These straps are comparable to all other retention systems on the market. They are built well and can hold up to very much abuse. You would be spending 3 times the amount for anything  of equal quality on the market right now. I definitely advise picking some of these up since they are so inexpensive. I love these straps and they make them in multiple colors. If you are going to use the for fgfs I recommend getting "The Fix" model. That model is reinforced with recycled bicycle tubes.

    I'm currently running the oreo pair and they are holding up great, for some reason I like things named after food. The straps can be adjusted to fit any foot size and they do not hit the ground when you are not mounted in them. These are a godsend for people that run fixed gear conversions and have a lower bottom bracket height.  I am very happy to have found Tramp Straps and I enjoy supporting this growing company. I hope you check them out at www.trampstraps.com

    I'll put out some footage of them soon!

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