Monday, May 20, 2013

Duro Tires Fixie Pops review.

     Today I have for you the Duro Fixie Pops. They are a fixed gear or training specific tire, these tires are designed to provide long life and they have a 1mm Duroshield layer to keep you from having any punctures.They are great if you ride brakeless fixed and skid often but they also work well as a commuter tire for those that use their bike on a daily basis. These tires are great if you use your bicycle like a work horse.

      The tires are folding. They are portable enough to keep as a spare in your pack. They are great for those emergencies where your tire needs to be replaced while on the road.The tires durometer is 65A all around, and  it's hard enough to take abuse but at the same time comfortable enough for easy handling around corners or imperfect roads. I also enjoy the fact that these tires have abit of threading on them, it just makes me feel less worried since most of my rides are in the morning and the roads can be slick from the dew.

     The Fixie Pops are 24c and slightly bigger than the average road tire. If you live in a place with anything less than perfect roads like me then you know that the average road tire can be alil bit too small to handle those roads. With the these tires and their added rubber for durability it also acts as alittle more cushion against the roads. At 24c you get less suspension losses on the road and in turn makes you go further and faster.The name of the game in cycling is to reduce rolling resistance and these tires definitely help with that.

     I have been rolling around with these tires for about a week now I have been putting them through abuse and just skidding around more than I normally would. I have not had a flat and the wear on them seems to be very minimal. Also, if you are running brakeless and skidding on any tire you will want to run a gear ratio of 46-17 or 48-17. That ratio with these tires will give many skid patches on the tire an insane amount of tire life. This will keep you from having to go to get new tires all the time.

     I recommend buying these and if you search for them online they range from $20-30  dollars a piece which is fairly inexpensive for the quality. Duro makes these in 9 colors so they will match most bike color schemes. No reason not to pick these up, so go and try them out! Thank you for reading and have fun riding bikes.

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