Monday, May 20, 2013

Eighth Inch Track Drops

     Here are some Eighth Inch Track drops. You can get them at These handlebars are beautiful and the drop is extremely shallow, which is good, you can stay in them constantly and be comfortable.They are also very inexpensive. I love them.They even cut abit of weight since they are so small. The only con that I can think about is the lack of different handlebar positions, it's either the hood position or in the drops. But, If you are looking for track bars then these are definitely a great option. Otherwise you would be wanting road bars.

      I use mine everyday (16-20 miles a day) and I'm pretty comfortable with mine. Aesthetically these cannot be beat. I have many bars and these are by far the prettiest, the ladies will love you!!!!!!!!!!!! Check them out here at

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