Monday, May 20, 2013

Banjo Brothers' Cycling Metro bag review

      Earlier this week my red Banjo Brothers Metro bag came in. I am very pleased with the actual value of this bag. It's priced at $69.99 and can be found at I advise that you go and check them out. These bags are definitely worth the price and the value far exceeds the cost.

      I have been riding around with this bag all week and I can tell that it is structurally sound and comfortable which is the most important part to me.The bag has a 18oz vinyl shell with a non-removable internal liner, it's very glossy and water resistant. It is not completely water proof but that doesn't really bother me. I keep a small trash bag folded in the pockets of my bags in case I find any dilemma with rain here in Florida. All of the stitchings of the Metro bag are reinforced, which means the bag will have a long life supporting me on my cycling adventures. It comes with a sternum strap and a waist strap to keep everything nice and secure. It also has a removable cell phone case and 12 total pockets. One of the internal pockets is padded and can be used for a laptop or other large delicate goods. The bag is very padded and there is not too much tension in any certain place when worn. It sits close to my body and when there is not too much to hold it can be tightened down to collapse.
      The bag sits at 1100 cubic inches but for how little it may seem you can fit lots of stuff in it. My first day out with it I was on a 6-pack ride with friends and it held my tallboys and all of my cycling gear with plenty of room to spare. I cant really think of anything that I do not like about this bag. It is strong, comfortable and even affordable for the average cyclist. Not to mention, this red version of my bag is very sexy without feeling like a stock car with large brand names all over it.It's a wonderful value go pick one up! If you would like a product review done please contact me at


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