Thursday, May 30, 2013

Black Creek Creep Wednesday Night Bike Ride 5/29/13

Here some pics from us at a pit stop for some provisions before our ride.

Trash Messenger Bags

My "Wastebasket" came in the mail from #trashmessengerbags . If you know me then you know that I LOVE and own many hip/fannypacks. But that's not all, they make all sorts of cycling bags. This messenger driven company from Minneapolis puts out product that has a lifetime guarantee for every stitch. I'll put up a full review after I break my new baby in. I love this thing. FULL REVIEW SOON!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Gonz of cycling, Tim Knoll

This blew my mind.

I don't even need to say anything about this. First edit to make me smile so large in a long time.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dirty Cycle Works Gets Clean event for June 22 2013

     Saturday June 22, 2013 Dirty's crew is going to help out clean the abandoned Public School Four.We would like you all to come along, bring your bikes, bring your shovels/cleaning stuff and come see everything before it gets restored. We will be working with and helping them all out that day. They said we can take in our bikes, get some photos of the overtaken school, and show that our portion of Jacksonville can show that we care about our city too! Come help and be a good person of your community! Picnic after we use our strength from our bicycle toned bodies to restore a piece of Jacksonville! See you all there! Share this with your friends, share this with everyone in your life, not just cyclists.Oh yeah, WATCH OUT FOR GHOSTS!!!! More tba. SIGN UP HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to get some glasses today!

     They are coming in within two weeks. Safer while I'm on the road and I'll enjoy looking at the ladies more

Friday, May 24, 2013

Black Creek Creep weekly Wednesday ride 5/22/13

     Last Wednesday's Black Creek Creep ride was pretty amazing. Gravity Dog's film crew came out to do a little shoot. We had at least 30 people come to the ride! They are currently editing the footage otherwise I would have put it up. It will be up soon. We went to chill at Mellow Mushroom afterwards for some food and beer! Only one bike wreck, G-Hustle paid his dues and fed the bicycle gods some blood. I really want to get a cycling documentary of all Jacksonville's growing bike scene. Hopefully everything comes together.
You can find Gravity Dog productions here!!!!

 We wiped him down it did look way worse.

Oh! And my work sells bacon jerky now.

One Fixed promo code: "freeshipping" for free shipping!

     Vic Flores over at One Fixed is giving up his clothing for free shipping with promo code : "freeshipping". Go check it out, his prices are nice and he's an awesome guy.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tramp Straps pedal strap review

     Tramp Straps sent me out these pedal straps to review and use for my enjoyment. These straps are such a awesome value! They normally run $20 dollars but with the promo code "DIRTYDOGS" (all caps no spaces) you can pick up these straps for a limited of time for $16 dollars including shipping. You can't beat that price anywhere. Every one of these straps are handmade here in the USA. On some of the models they even use recycled bicycle tubes to reinforce the straps.

     These straps are comparable to all other retention systems on the market. They are built well and can hold up to very much abuse. You would be spending 3 times the amount for anything  of equal quality on the market right now. I definitely advise picking some of these up since they are so inexpensive. I love these straps and they make them in multiple colors. If you are going to use the for fgfs I recommend getting "The Fix" model. That model is reinforced with recycled bicycle tubes.

    I'm currently running the oreo pair and they are holding up great, for some reason I like things named after food. The straps can be adjusted to fit any foot size and they do not hit the ground when you are not mounted in them. These are a godsend for people that run fixed gear conversions and have a lower bottom bracket height.  I am very happy to have found Tramp Straps and I enjoy supporting this growing company. I hope you check them out at

    I'll put out some footage of them soon!

My cycling group made it on the news last week here in Jacksonville!

     It's been a long 2-3 years setting up the rides and finding people that enjoy riding bikes but our cycling group has finally gained some momentum. It's only up from here! We start filming alil bit more tomorrow. The news group liked us so much that they decided to start riding with us. Hopefully at the end of the year we will have enough footage to have a bike documentary of Jacksonvilles growing bike scene. You can find them at and

I will post a link on the sidebar to our Facebook page for anyone would like to ride bikes with us!

Monday, May 20, 2013

     Moore,Oklahoma , a town where I grew up as a young man and learned most of the principals that I use to this date has been hit by a tornado today. This would be two times in my lifetime that this place has been destroyed.The world should give this town a break. :(  kinda worried about my friends there.

Eighth Inch Track Drops

     Here are some Eighth Inch Track drops. You can get them at These handlebars are beautiful and the drop is extremely shallow, which is good, you can stay in them constantly and be comfortable.They are also very inexpensive. I love them.They even cut abit of weight since they are so small. The only con that I can think about is the lack of different handlebar positions, it's either the hood position or in the drops. But, If you are looking for track bars then these are definitely a great option. Otherwise you would be wanting road bars.

      I use mine everyday (16-20 miles a day) and I'm pretty comfortable with mine. Aesthetically these cannot be beat. I have many bars and these are by far the prettiest, the ladies will love you!!!!!!!!!!!! Check them out here at

Banjo Brothers' Cycling Metro bag review

      Earlier this week my red Banjo Brothers Metro bag came in. I am very pleased with the actual value of this bag. It's priced at $69.99 and can be found at I advise that you go and check them out. These bags are definitely worth the price and the value far exceeds the cost.

      I have been riding around with this bag all week and I can tell that it is structurally sound and comfortable which is the most important part to me.The bag has a 18oz vinyl shell with a non-removable internal liner, it's very glossy and water resistant. It is not completely water proof but that doesn't really bother me. I keep a small trash bag folded in the pockets of my bags in case I find any dilemma with rain here in Florida. All of the stitchings of the Metro bag are reinforced, which means the bag will have a long life supporting me on my cycling adventures. It comes with a sternum strap and a waist strap to keep everything nice and secure. It also has a removable cell phone case and 12 total pockets. One of the internal pockets is padded and can be used for a laptop or other large delicate goods. The bag is very padded and there is not too much tension in any certain place when worn. It sits close to my body and when there is not too much to hold it can be tightened down to collapse.
      The bag sits at 1100 cubic inches but for how little it may seem you can fit lots of stuff in it. My first day out with it I was on a 6-pack ride with friends and it held my tallboys and all of my cycling gear with plenty of room to spare. I cant really think of anything that I do not like about this bag. It is strong, comfortable and even affordable for the average cyclist. Not to mention, this red version of my bag is very sexy without feeling like a stock car with large brand names all over it.It's a wonderful value go pick one up! If you would like a product review done please contact me at