Sunday, December 29, 2013

I did an intro for my youtube channel

     See that skeleton riding the Respect Cycles' mini velo? That me!! Ri Crosier, I run . My website is a diary to document the progression of a cycling group that I ride with called Dirty Cycle Works and to promote all forms of cycling. Anything with two wheels is what I love to surround myself around. Dirty Cycle Works does everything from bike polo, clothing design, social rides, competitions and giving a helping hand. We do way  too much to name in one shot but everything revolves around bicycles.

     There is a ton to document and that's why I built , I want to record these memories for everyone and at the same time chase my own dreams. I want to make films about bicycles and take beautiful photos for you all to enjoy. You can see my photos in my "Dead Lens" section of my site. That skeleton masked man on the bike is also a character for Lil' Slugger, a short film that I plan to make that pays abit of homage to the anime "Paranoia Agent". It's going to be a horror film with bike polo, a masked murder and cute girls on bicycles.

     Pretty much if it has two wheels I want it to be something in my life. Maybe one day I will even get a chance to expand it into motorcycles. I hope that you take a moment to subscribe and keep track on all of the good things to come. Thank you for watching

Filmed on my Xcel camera

Bicycle break down :

Respect Cycles mini-velo -
Tapewood Grips -
Knog lights - Knog Blinder 1
VP Components VP-531:
Tramp Straps: 16 dollar pedal straps with our promocode "DIRTYDOGS" -

Videographer: Ghost in the Spoke's Mandi Ratcliff
Editor: Ri Crosier

Music Credit: Nujabes - Aruarian Dance

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The new Ghost in the Spoke T-shirts are ready to be preordered!!!

Dirty Cycle Works - Ghost in the Spoke "witch board" shirts are available now for preorder.

    With every bit of sacrificial blood shed spilled upon our Ghost in the Spoke "Witch Board" shirt, whether it be from a terrible crash or bike polo, you will have your chance to speak to the cycling gods and other forms of afterlife. Blood and cycling go together like chain in cog so I'm sure you will be talking to those spirits in short time.

-----PLUS! It gives an excuse to get the ladies (or men) to place their hands upon you and talk to the afterlife around you. You can make a planchette out of an beer glass, eyeglass lens, etc. Get creative!!!!

Disclaimer!!! : Dirty Cycle Works and Ghost in the Spoke is not responsible for experiences while using your "witch board" shirt. Choose your use of the shirt wisely...... If you obtain a certain amount of fortune or fame from knowledge obtained all that we ask is that you help us eat alil better :)

All shirts are white with black silk screened lettering. These shirts are best looking when well worn through and Dirty (those stains are memories in our book!). We hope you enjoy it!! Thank you for supporting us.

The shirts will be ready to ship on around 1/2/14 and make it to your house roughly a week after that. Thank you!

You can pick them up from our online store!!!!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Vp Components: VP-001 pedal review

-----That's my cat Stephen Hawking, she is moderately crippled and like to chill with me when I do all of my bike stuff! She's my baby and I'm sure she wanted to say hello before I pop off a bike review.

-----Today I am going to review these VP-001 pedals from VP Components. Of all of the pedals that I own these are my favorite!!! Something about these anodized gold pedals that catches my eye, they perform really well too, like a hooker on Valentine's day. I have been really satisfied with these pedals, I have been running them for 4 months and haven't had any problems.

-----These pedals have an aluminum body and a chromoly axle, the blend of the two provides lightness in the pedal while still being strong at the high pressure points of the pedal.. They even have a titanium axle upgrade kit that you can buy for the pedals if you are really concerned of weight. These pedals are low profile all around and still are compatible to all foot straps. You will not have a problem dropping thicker freestyle straps in your bike setups. I'm currently running Tramp Straps in my pedals and with the adjustable friction pins I stay nice and snug on my cycling adventures.

-----These pedals are perfect for most setups. I prefer pedals and straps for my daily grind and the convenience of wearing whatever shoes I want throughout the day. The pedals provide plenty of grip through your pedal stroke and I suggest dropping these on your daily driver. These are an all around good pedal and very reliable. Extremely low profile, you will be pedaling deep in those turns! Go and check them out at

----- Oh and by the way, the triangle in the pedals are ridged and work great for opening bottles!

Specs from :

  • 345 grams per pair
  • 112 x 97 x 16mm platform
  • Extruded and CNC aluminum body
  • Forged Cromoly Axle
  • LSL and Sealed Cartridge Bearings
  • Replaceable Pins
  • 9 anodized colors: Black, Silver, Gold, Red, Green, Blue, Magenta, Pink, Turquoise
  • Foot strap compatible
  • Bearing Rebuild Kit Available

  • Opening music credit: You Love Her Coz Shes Dead - Sunday Best (Routines Remix)
    This review was filmed with my Xcel action camera ( )


    Friday, December 20, 2013

    Duval Polo Pizza Party // XCEL camera upload

         Bike polo and pizza not much more in this world that you can ask for.
    Hopefully we can go and make this a seasonal thing. 
    I'm starting to get used to my Xcel camera too! I love my camera.

    All photos taken by my Xcel camera ( )

    Wednesday, December 18, 2013

    Holidays in Florida - XCEL camera photos

         Click on the picture to view all of my photos from St.Augustine. Mandi Ratcliff and I took a lil' trip to shoot some photos with my Xcel camera ( This thing takes lovely pictures.

    Saturday, December 14, 2013

    Tapewood "Slimline" Grip review


      I've got these wooden grips from Tapewood to review for you today.These lil' puppies are some of the most beautiful grips that I have had the chance to play around on. I would personally recommend them for your show bike or one of your bicycles that you would not want to beat up. These grips are just too pretty to mess up and it was a damn shame that I have put them through all hell fire to test them out over the past few months. They are great to add a touch of class to your setups though.

         These grips are made of walnut wood and lock onto 7/8 inch handlebars with a locking screw. They are very easy to lock on and hold in place from the locking screw. They are a conversation starter and people always ask me where I got my grips especially on some of our mass rides.

         The grips will have an extended amount of life if you take care not to drop your bike around too much. Unfortunately that is not the case with my setups they are always put to good use and I ended up breaking the locking bolts for my grips. I ended up liking these grips so much that I went ahead and added silicone caulk into my grips and now these grips will be there until they are fully destroyed. So far no splinters or cracks in them. At some point in time when I want them off I will just soak my bars in acetone and lay them to rest.

         I have a link to the Tapewood site in the description so if you want to check them out you can have a pair sent out to you for $40.00

    This video was filmed with my Xcel action camera ( )

    Music Credit: Nujabes - Kudoma (interlude)

    Sunday, November 3, 2013

    Building Mandi's Bike // Xcel camera time lapse

    -----Mandi had this bike shipped from . It's her first bike so I went ahead and built it up for her. She picked up the Dawes MTA singlespeed. It's actually a decent choice for being shipped for $180. Not a bad first bike at all, it's a chromoly frame and the components seem nice enough to trust. 

    I hope you like the time lapse and thank you for watching!

     Link to the bike if you would like to purchase it:

    Music Credit: Selebrities - Temporary Touch (Rush Midnight Remix)

    I used my Xcel camera to film this time lapse:

    Monday, September 30, 2013

    New Ghost in the Spoke Logo by Leslie Boroczk

    -----I have been a fan of Leslie Boroczk's art for a long time running now and I finally got a chance to collaborate with her! She is one of a few artists in Jacksonville FL. that make amazing anime/manga art. She did a perfect job with my logo, maybe even better than how I envisioned in my own head. I might just go and get it tattooed :)

    -----It's nice to be able to work with artists that I adore and this has been the best way to kick off October. It's Halloween everyday for me and I will be showing off this logo on some new shirts for my online site asap! Don't forget to follow Leslie, she is amazing!

    ---------You can find her art displayed at:
    and you can pick up one of her prints at

    This film was done in "time lapse" mode on my Xcel action camera, for such a simple camera it has so many capabilities! This was my first time experimenting with the time lapse and it does the job perfectly! I will be filming Leslie when she does more art in the future so stay tuned!
    ------ You can pick one of these cameras up at

    music credit: Utada Hikaru - Simple And Clean/ Killing Spree Hip-Hop remix!

    Friday, September 27, 2013

    Duval Dirty Bike Olympics 2013 Mud Pit Scramble

          Here is some footage from last week's Duval Dirty Bike Olympics "Mud Pit Scramble". I hope you enjoy and maybe I'll see more of you for the next Duval Dirty Bike Olympics.

     Mud Pit Scramble

          Not dirty enough? Then get muddy! Fenders won't help you on this one as you pair up with the cleanest person you know and dive right into three different mud pits. Race as a team to each pit and scramble around to find DDBO shirts, golden cogs, and more. A bike wash will be available at the finish line for all those who wish to clean up a bit. But no shower for your dirty ass! Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded. All other prizes must be scavenged from the mud.

     -filmed with My Xcel Action Cam in it's 720p mode (There is a 1080p option but I was running out of space on my SD card.)

    Monday, September 23, 2013

    Tuesday, September 17, 2013

    My first ride on my Ice Bear 150cc Ruckus clone!

    ------ I was out testing my new Ice Bear 150cc Ruckus clone from Solano Cycle ( ) and also trying out the 1080p setting on my Xcel Camera ( ). I am absolutely in love with this new scooter of mine. It goes 60+mph and gets 70 miles to the gallon , I am so attached to my death truck but it gets 10 miles to the gallon (it's now the Sunday driver). I live in Jacksonville and everything is extremely spread out so I made the choice to pick up a scooter for longer rides and ride bicycle when my destination is within 10 miles.

    -----I think that my decision to pick up this scooter was not only a more economical way for me to get around but also wonderfully fun. This scooter packs a punch compared to my old 50cc, Solano Cycle hooked me up and found a scooter within my budget. If you enjoy bicycles or economical transportation in general then I would recommend getting a scooter to get you around.

    ----- In the coming week I will be setting up a bike rack for this puppy so check back soon. I will be doing all sorts of mods with this open frame. I want to see how creative I can get with it :)

    Xcel Action Camera in 1080p: This new camera of mine is a very easy way for me to document and have content for my blog.I enjoy this camera and I hope to use it more when I get the hang of it. For this video I must say that I probably will need to find a more steady position to mount the camera. Things get shaky sometimes but I think that might just be the roads. I live on the outskirts of town and my roads are far from perfect.

    -----I like that I can press a button on a remote and record without touching the camera. I wish the camera had some sort of LCD screen so I could see what I'm filming but the lense sees pretty much what the human eyes sees. I generally line up the shots by pressing in up to my cheek :) The camera does best for shooting videos for sure.

    -----The housing even has a tripod adapter for taking perfect stills or recording out of a POV perspective. This is just some testing of better things to come but I hope you enjoyed. I will be filming a ton this week. I need to find a better position to mount my camera to stabilize it.

    For more go to

    and don't forget to check out and , peace.

    Music credit:
    Toro Y Moi - Still Sound (Vindata Remix)

    Friday, September 6, 2013

    Respect Cycles Mini-Velo Fixed Gear

    -----Just testing out the Respect Cycles Mini-Velo from and my Xcel action camera ( ). We spent one night testing the Xcel action camera in it's 720p ultra-wide angle mode, next round we will use the 1080p mode and more mini-velo action. These little mini fixed gear bikes are great for learning the mechanics of a fixed gear bicycle and are tons of fun. I hope you like our edit!

    ----- I have my good buddy Phat Kyle featured in the video, You can find him on Instagram @Phat_Kyle or his facebook .

    -----You can pick up one of these mini-velos for 10% off with the promocode "Ghost" at

    -----If you are looking for more info on the Xcel Action Cam then check out

    -----A huge thanks to:

    Tapewood and their handmade grips

    Vp Components

    Tramp Straps

    Music Credit: The Chromatics - Cherry

    Tuesday, August 27, 2013

    Xcel action cam photo mode test 1 / DDBO meeting

     -----We had a meeting for our event that we are throwing on September 20-22nd. I decided to try out the new Xcel action cam and it's abilities with still photos in normal to high lighting. Most of the photos/slideshow featured in the photos are raw. I seem to be preferring the photos in that fashion of the recent. The camera was filmed in it's 720p ultra wide setting and these are what I picked up from it.

    -----We spent most of the night talking about our events so I tried to take photos where I could. I am still getting used to this camera and I have to makeshift a viewfinder for it soon.. This camera is built for recording P.O.V. video and I have yet to experiment with that part of it yet, I'm sure that is where it really shines because these lenses absorb an amazing amount of light. The camera would do much better with a tripod for sure for stills. For on the go as I have done today I would recommend the burst modes after retrieving the footage. Take 10 and have one perfect shot to come back to. It will be a large process getting used to this camera but I'm sure once I have it down I will be able to capture some very unique photos.

    -----The camera itself is very simple and easy to use but I'm sure will take a moment or two to master.You have to think outside the box to get a decent shot since there is not a viewfinder. The lens seems most applicable for outside settings, I will have to take more photos to confirm that. Check back soon to see what I end up setting as a rig for this camera on the go. I have a ton of ideas :)

    Music: Selebrities - Time

    You can pick the Xcel camera here

    If there is anything you would like for me to review you can always hit me up at

    Sunday, August 25, 2013

    Xcel camera test in low light conditions with Knog Blinder 1 light.

    -----I just cracked open my new Xcel action camera and started with some low light testing.Action cameras generally don't come with internal lighting but I strapped my Knog Blinder 1 bicycle light onto the base and it worked nicely. . I am a huge fan of DIY lomography/toy camera kind of pictures so this camera is right up my alley. (Point and click and hope for the best, pretty much my way of life right now.)

    -----My friends and I came to open mic night in Shanty Town, it's kind of a punk rock bar with a huge assortment of people. They played some music and I did some testing on the stills with the camera. I will be shooting almost exclusively with these little cameras and I'm hoping to get some delicious raw beautiful footage. This is just a preview of things to come. I love this little camera it's capabilities are far beyond anything that I have put out today. I'm still learning to use this for photos and videos. Be sure to check back soon!

    These are what I found on my camera after I woke up the next day. Enjoy

    You can pick the Xcel camera here
    The light I used for the camera:

    Music by: oOoOO - Break Yr Heart

    If there is anything you would like for me to review you can always hit me up at

    Friday, August 23, 2013

    New batch of our shirts out now and store is updated!

          We have ladies tanks and low cut shirts now. Also, our store has a proper tracking of inventory. So no random colors, you can pick from what is available :) We make our shirts in batches of 30-40 but they sell out super quick so pick them up at

    My new camera from Xcel came in!

         I'll have an unboxing and full info on it soon. You can check out information on the camera at and if you can make it to by the 24th then you could have a chance to win one of these bad boys! I will be recording my product reviews and everything with this camera. I'm so excited! 

    Wednesday, August 21, 2013

    I have been loving all the mass rides lately

         A picture of last night on TUNIBIRI, it's a booze cruise here in Jacksonville beach. They are reaching 50-100 riders each Tuesday. They have grown so much in numbers. You can check them out here

    Tuesday, August 20, 2013

    More updates coming very soon!!!!!!!

    I'm just waiting a camera to come in and then we will be good to go. What a crazy road it has been for me. Tons of expansion within a small time period. It's only up from here!

    Monday, August 19, 2013

    "High-roller" Big Wheel!!!! I need this thing!

    I always wonder how people get lucky and start their companies from Kickstarter. I'm not going to lie, I would have probably helped him get rolling too! Full article here.

    Knog wins patent fight with Chinese factory | Bicycle Retailer and Industry News

    I'm so happy that this happened! Way to go Knog for busting these thieves and suing the hell out of a knock off factory. HA! Now they have to pay royalties.
    Full article here!Knog wins patent fight with Chinese factory | Bicycle Retailer and Industry News
    Drawing from Knog's patent application.

    And here are the knockoffs.
    Five brands in Australia were affected by Knog's win - all sharing the same design

    Monday, August 12, 2013

    A carbon fiber bone shaped handlebar, bat and knife are all I need in this world

 has some crazy products and extremely strong marketing to sell their carbon/poly line of goods. I was drooling over the bone bar. I wonder how well it functions? Doesn't matter you'll look like a BADASS!!!

    Click the images to be taken directly to their site. So dope and perfect for Ghost in the Spoke. I might have to save my pennies to pick these up!

    Thursday, August 8, 2013

    Product Review: Knog Blinder 1

      Product review time!!!!!

        I have these lights from Knog, they are a company out of Australia and they specialize in cycling lights accessories and bags. These little lights I am showing you today are amazing! They are water proof and pretty much bombproof. I can honestly say that if you are looking to pick a brand to use on a daily basis you should definitely check into this company. I have been rolling with these lights on my bike for about 3 months and I cannot find one thing I don't like about them.

         First and foremost, my favorite thing about these lights is the fact that you can easily place the lightset on any bike and get rolling within 30 secs. Whenever I am out and about I take my lights with me after I reach a destination.These lights pop off very easily and when mounted they are very snug and secure. I love that these lights fit so close to the frame and you barely notice that they are there. It's like having a near seamless baby sun attached to your handlebars and seatpost. They are super convenient and give you plenty of room on your handlebars for proper position.

         The lights are fully rechargeable. They have a usb plug mounted directly to them. You plug the lights into a usb socket and wait till the light goes from omiting red to green and then you know it's ready for use. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge each of the lights, you can slim it down to 2 hours if you use a charger that is directly mounted to a wall socket. I commute mostly in the dark on the outskirts of Jacksonville FL and I always have a fear for my lights going out in my neck of the woods. On some roads these are places where we don't have street lights and it's pitch black, I recommend carrying a portable usb battery charger for these moments. Last thing you would want to do is be stuck in the middle of nowhere without lights.

         The Knog blinders put out 20 lumens for the front light and 11 for the rear. It comes out to about 10-15 feet of visibility for the front and back. This amount of visibility is not a directed focal point but as full visibility around you.I can fully recommend these lights for when you are on the road solo but I have to recommend that you should carry a set of spare lights that can be used with batteries just in case you find troubles on the road or need more visibility for the traffic with your rear light. It's always good to have a back up plan. If you are riding with a group then these are perfect and you can run them with much less worry.

              The lights are completely waterproof for all cycling purposes. It rains like crazy here in Florida and these lights have been here through the season for me.You can abuse these lights and at the end of the day still be a faithful work horse for you. You don't have to worry about the Knog Blinders breaking down on you when you are in less than perfect weather conditions.

         You can pick up these lights for $29.95 each or $54.94 for the set at .Knog makes some pretty innovative products so go check them out.

    Tuesday, August 6, 2013

    Cullen Bailey Zawada's "Make the Homeless Smile" Project

    Make the Homeless Smile Project

    After watching the video today, I was
    inspired. I'm not thinking of taking on a major project like feeding
    ALL of the homeless, but getting together to pack lunch bags with
    PB&J sandwiches, fruit, bottled water and maybe a gently used
    T-shirt, ball cap, etc. to give out to some of the homeless on the
    First Coast might go a long way to make a homeless person smile. We
    forget they are human beings, many down on their luck through no
    fault of their own, and yet they are passed by daily as if they were
    part of the landscape. No, we won't be “teaching them to fish”,
    and become self-sufficient, but we can show them that somebody out
    there cares.

    The cost should be minimal.
    Non-cyclists (or even cyclists), say 5 or more of us could meet at my
    house to put lunches together on a Saturday or Sunday morning. If
    each person brought a loaf of bread (cheap – doesn't have to be
    Pepperidge Farm), a jar of peanut butter, jar of jelly, a banana
    bunch and maybe a bag of apples and some bottled water, we could put
    them together, bag them, and then load up our fixed gear/road
    bikers/pleasure cyclists in their Burro Messenger bags and all meet
    where the homeless are. Since you bike messengers/cyclists encounter
    them regularly on your rides downtown/San Marco/St.
    Augustine/Beaches, you could incorporate a ride with a chance to make
    a homeless person smile during the trip. We non-cyclists could meet
    you to help pass out the food. And, if seeing a homeless person smile
    isn't enough for you, all of the Go-Pros could film the event, you
    editing experts can put a good video together with music, and we can
    post it to YouTube, or pass it on to all of the local media outlets.
    Wear your team gear so it gets seen. Talk about a positive image for
    the First Coast bike scene! And free advertising for all of the

    Yes, I'm a bleeding heart
    liberal....and I'm not talking about months of commitment. We could
    try it one time. If you decide you enjoy making the homeless smile,
    we could make it happen as often (or not) as you wish.

    It's just a thought...but I really do
    feel passionately about this. I'm appealing to you cyclists because
    you see the plight of the homeless first hand every time you ride. I
    know you like to do charity events – this one would help the local
    community, and not cost a fortune to organize.

    I'm willing to head it up, but will
    need help from the biking community to make it happen. If you're
    interested, please let me know. We could set up a meet (via Facebook
    chatting if that would work better – I know everyone is busy) and

    And if you need some motivation, just
    watch this video:

    Pay it forward.....practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty

    Cullen Zawada
    AKA Addison's Mom

    If you would like to help, you can reach her by Facebook.

    I will also be participating in this event and hopefully we can make someone's day just a little bit easier. Seeing others trying to help with nothing expected in return gives me hope in humanity.

    My friends at Xcel are giving away a camera!

    If you would like to have a chance to win one of these cameras then head on over to . Follow/like them and send a message saying that "Ghost in the Spoke" sent you. These cameras are built to rival other action cams. Cross your fingers and I hope one of you wins! Thank you and have a wonderful day. Contest ends this Sunday. - Ghost

    Joshua "Pro" Hartman Medical Expenses Fundraiser

    Go to if you have the time and money to spare. They are raising money to reconstruct his face. Joshua got severely hurt in a race. Any support would be awesome. Thank you, and I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

    Monday, August 5, 2013

    Sunday, August 4, 2013

    Check out this contest from

    Contest Rules

    1. FOLLOW @CityGrounds and @LeaderBikeUSA on Instagram

    2. UPLOAD a picture to Instagram that shoes how you ride your bike! Commuting, racing, tricking, kicking back, goofing around, etc.

    3. HASHTAG your picture with #CityKickback and Tag @CityGrounds & @LeaderBikeUSA

    *Winners will be chosen by quality of photograph, creativity, content and overall popularity (likes) by the City Grounds and Leader Bikes staff!*

    DEADLINE: August 13th, 2013

    Grand Prize: Leader 721 Duomatic Complete Bike // View >>
    Runners Up: Chance for your photos to be featured on the City Grounds and Leader websites/social media outlets!

    Contest ends soon so start participating while it's up.

    The Quiet Life sent me a care package!


      I am going to start with a HUGE thank you to Andy and his crew at The Quiet Life. You guys are keeping me set with some fresh for clothes this summer. I have been wearing your clothes on the regular since I first got my package. Sorry for the late update, I had no idea that running a tiny project like "Ghost in the Spoke" would be so much work. With that being said, I have so much respect for you guys at The Quiet Life for being able to hold such a cult following for your products.

         The Quiet Life is a company from Los Angeles, California. They specialize in premium quality clothing and beautiful photography and sometimes incorporate their photography into the clothing line. I am especially in love with my "Bear with Me"- Nathan Bell camera club shirt, it is a perfect example of their photography mashups with their clothing line. All the ladies love that shirt, they cant pass up a man with a cute little bear on his chest.

         I also love the sunglasses I received in the care package, they have been keeping the Florida sun out of my eyes this summer while I'm out my bike rides. You guys are a blessing for me.Thank you again and I will be reppin' all of your clothes wherever my skin sees the sun. Everything in the care package is beautiful and it means the world to me that you guys hooked me up.

          If my viewers like anything they have seen in the care package you can pick it up at head on there and check them out. Peace.

    Friday, July 19, 2013

    We hit over 2000+ followers on the Instagram. Business is booming and I didn't expect everything to come together so quick after being live for 1.5 months. I have some reviews to do tonight after my day job (I help run an Organic food/supplement store). Merch is selling fast and it's much more work than I expected. Sorry if I haven't updated in awhile, I have just been so busy. New content tonight!

    Wednesday, July 10, 2013

    New shirts are in!

          New batch of t-shirts made yesterday. Every batch is unique and limited. You can pick them up at for $10 . We are a cycling collective so please understand colors will vary. I know most cyclists don't really have too much money so we try to keep the price low. This batch actually has some pretty nice quality shirts, I'm sure you will love them.

    Friday, July 5, 2013

    A batch of the Bike Club stickers came in today!

    You can pick them up here They are on sale for $1.50 and made out of bombproof vinyl (weatherproof). I want to see these on everyone's bicycles! Thank you, enjoy!

    Tuesday, July 2, 2013

    Bradley Cunningham from BEAR sTRAPS: The Bomber Beer Holder

          This is a thing of beauty and it perfectly describes Dirty Cycle Works' (the cycling group that I ride for) way of living. Grab a friend, drink a beer, and ride ANY bike. I have one of these coming in the mail and I will be dropping a full review of it asap.Earlier this week I saw that "BradleyBicyle" liked a photo on my Instagram and so took a look at his page, when this popped up on my cellphone screen I had a grin from ear to ear. It's perfect for a nice casual ride with friends and just looks plain awesome. I ended up emailing him for one of these beer bombers and we have been talking about our similar cycling views ever since. The most important part about riding bicycles is riding for fun, ya know? As I have gotten to know more about him I realized that he's what I would like to be as a person one day. 

         Bradley Cunningham runs out of the pure love from cycling, he works a normal full time job and he is a family man when he comes home. BEAR sTRAPS is completely a hobby of his and he is involved with all aspect of the products. Quality being the main goal and enrichment to self being a close second. I have so much respect for this person, every time an email has been headed my way I find something that I like about him. HE EVEN MAKES HIS OWN BEER AND ART ON THE SIDE. Hopefully one day I will be able to feature some of his art on this site and drink some of his beer.

           Check out this piece of bicycle glory, a leather bicycle beer bomber! You can pick them up for $50 at 

    "As a fun little "something to do" I've started working with leather. After getting all the right tools and watching a few how-to videos I made myself a Halloween mask. After that the ideas started flowing through my head and the Bomber-Carrier was born! If you want one just let me know!

    They are $50 (as shown) and up. They can be customized pretty much any way you like with different color dyes and buckles, etc. Very fun to make and they get a LOT of compliments and comments! Especially when the bike is locked up in front of the pub on a Saturday afternoon!"
                                                                                               -Bradley Cunningham

    Instagram: Bradleybicycle

    Monday, July 1, 2013

    Knog cycling kit contest!

    Facebook competition time - Yay!...or more appropriately, Tres bien!

    The Tour de France is in its centennial year and as a fitting tribute Knog have put together a one-off Tour de Knog cycling kit for one lucky punter to get their hands on. This kit includes; a set of Blinder Road lights, a Knog cycling Jersey, cycing cap, patch kit, spare patches, 12-tool kit and a Milkman lock. Combined value of over $295.

    All you have to do is follow the link -, or click on the competition tab at the top of the page.

    Bon chance mes amis!


    Saturday, June 29, 2013

    Respect Cycles mini-track/city bikes!

    I just thought I would show this out to all of you.

         Respect Cycles has these available for purchase now. They have two models, a mini-track and a more urban cycling model sold as a complete on their site . Both models can be ridden comfortably for any person of any size! These things are pure fun, getting mine this week too! I have the promocode "Ghost" that will save you 10% and free shipping on your purchase! I'm sure you'll love these lil' bikes. Full review coming up soon.

    Oh! and they also have these beautiful bamboo bikes!

    Friday, June 28, 2013

    Zee Washington's lil edit dropped today.

     Besides him shreading hard, he just so happens to be the nice guy too! Check him out!

         Born in NY. Raised in NC. Started riding bikes in 2008 as a messenger in NYC to pay for school. Got hit by a school bus in 2011. Told myself if God let me walk, let alone ride a bike again, I would go HAM. Started back as a bike mechanic. Got back on the bike September 2012. And here I am now.
                                                                                             -Seconda (Zee) Washington
    Instagram: Zee-fixed

    This guy got hit by a bus and is back riding a bike and doing what he loves again. That is awesome. 

    Epiphany D1 product review week 1.5

         If you look in the sidebar of my site you will see one of these little bottles as a link. A good friend of mine formulated Epiphany D1 and he brought it to me to check it out. I decided to give it a try, from DAY ONE of taking this supplement I noticed a huge difference. I had no idea that I even had a problem with concentration and focus till I started taking it. It has supported me with higher levels of brain function. I truly recommend trying this one out.

         Truth be told, the reason that I go out cycling so much is because I actually have an increased amount of anxiety. I live out on the outskirts of Jacksonville FL. Out here you can ride forever down one of our roads and kinda forget about the weight of the world (Jacksonville FL is one of the largest cities in the world by land mass) . When cycling I'm usually too busy focusing on nature, the road, and fear that one of these retired old ladies in Florida will turn my body into roadkill than to worry about general stressors. But, you can't be cycling all the time, that's when everything else comes in and takes my path and splits it into a mass maze of a cycling group, website, 2 jobs, and whatever else I picked up that week. I can only describe it as my brain as one of these contracted balls in the picture below.
    EXAMPLE: My normal brain being the one on the right side of this picture, a jumbled mess with no definition.
         When I take Epiphany D1 I am more like the figure on the left. I am more defined with complete structured lines and every aspect of my mind is expanded. I can take in the world layer by layer and diagnose a situation better. Stimulation in all aspects becomes stronger. I can taste the morning dew on my way cycling to work and I can feel the blood flowing into each fingertip as I pumping through my next destination. I become very situationally aware. Faster reaction time = faster output on body. This supplement is great for every type of physical activity and greatly improves function for your mental concentration.(ex: work, school, writing a paper, and running a website HEHE)
         You can think of your brain as fuel and your body as an engine. Epiphany D1 would be the a component in your vessel that syncs the two to work synergistic and become more efficient. Your brain takes all propositions from the world and fuels the body with information and Epiphany D1 boosts that transition to a optimal level. It supports performance gains like no other. It blew my mind how well this worked for me. Extremely clean too! I have a link in the sidebar for the Epiphany D1 site. You can pick it up there, and it has a 30 day money back guarantee! Nothing to lose. Have a wonderful day!

    More information can be found at

    Thursday, June 27, 2013 is having a contest for the summer on Instagram. Good luck! I hope you win!

    The Quiet Life photo contest!

    My buddy Andy Mueller is throwing an awesome contest for The Quiet Life. He is looking for some new photographers and a new photo to place on his clothing at

    We are running another one of our photos contests. 
    The rules are simple:

    1. Just post images to our FB Wall or to our instagram site (#qlcameraclub if you post to instagram ) - we'll review all FB and Insta entries.

    2. Post no more than 2 images. so make them count. if you post more than 2 you will be disqualified. sorry. need to keep this easy to edit.

    3. Must be a photo YOU took - do not steal images from internet. Must be an original photo you took and own.

    4. Keep high res version of your entry. If you win we'll need highest res possible. Iphone photos are ok.

    5. Any format. Film, Digi, Polaroid, Black and White, Color. You can also use multiple photos to make an entry... like the photo on the right on the flyer in the post below. If you do make a design - it counts as just one entry.

    6. Winner will get a box of QL goodies, some loot and their images printed on a QL T for an upcoming season.

    7. Deadline: As soon as we see a winner. Soon.

    8. Tell your friends about this. We want to meet some new photographers and see some great work.


    Tuesday, June 25, 2013

    Saturday, June 22, 2013

    Friday, June 21, 2013

    Tramp Straps "The Fix" model straps


         Tramp Straps sent me out a package today to review for you all. They are the straps that I run for my current setup with my own bike. I currently run their standard model and it has been holding up very well, I have had them for around 2-3 months now and they function the same as they did from day one. They sent me a set of "The Fix" model which is an upgraded version of the standard model and it is double reinforced with recycled bicycle tubes to give them a long life on your bike. The straps are extremely stiff and hold shape.

         These straps run at a price of $24 dollars with my cycling groups' promocode "DIRTYDOGS" (that's all caps and no spaces). Also, Tramp Straps will ship anything in the US without a shipping charge. You are getting a pair of handmade/bomb proof straps that are American made for the price of $24 dollars.

         I highly recommend these straps and I hope that you go and pick them up. This is currently the best value on the market for straps, I run them and I don't have any complaints at all. You can pick them up at and if you do pick them up I'm pretty sure you wont regret the decision. I'm sure you will like them! GET THEM HERE! CLICK ME

    Pictures from our Black Creek Creep weekly night ride


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